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Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian 

KaHaACbKuu  iHcmumym  YKpa'i'HCbKux 



Volume  10 

November  1986 

Number  2 


NEWS  CIUS  Advisory  Council  Appointed  3 

Bequests  Received  3 

Ukrainian  Studies  at  CAS  Conference  1986  4 

Multiculturalism  at  Community  College  5 

Ukrainian  History  at  the  University  of  Alberta  6 

Ukrainian  Community  Development  Committee  Releases 
Report  7 

Journal  of  Ukrainian  Studies  Transferred  to  Edmonton  7 

Lupul  on  Study  Leave  8 

Saunders  Awarded  Antonovych  Prize  8 

Archives  Acquired  8 

Dictionaries  Microfilmed  9 

Misylo  Awarded  Cenko  Prize  9 

Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine  Project  9 

Savaryn  Retires  as  Chancellor  12 

CIUS  Summer  Projects  12 

New  at  the  ULRC  1 2 

Scholarships  and  Fellowships  Awarded  1986-7  13 

1987  Neporany  Postdoctoral  Fellow  14 

CIUS  Seminars:  1986-7  14 

Graduate  Degrees  Awarded  at  University  of  Alberta  15 

Centennial  History  Project  Receives  Grant  15 

Graduate  Students  at  University  of  Alberta  15 

PEOPLE  John-Paul  Himka  15 

Andrij  Hornjatkevyc  19 

Khrystyna  Kohut  19 

Bohdan  Krawchenko  19 

Sofia  Lazar  19 

David  R.  Marples  20 

Orest  Martynowych  and  David  Lupul  20 

Valentyn  Moroz  21 

Myroslav  Yurkevich  2 1 




Periodical  publication  of  the 

Canadian  Institute  of 
Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada. 
T6G  2E8 

Publishing  Committee: 

David  Marples  (editor) 
Andrij  Hornjatkevyc  (translator) 
Khrystia  Kohut 
Sofia  Lazar 
Peter  Matilainen 

Reprints  permitted  with 
ISSN  0702  - 8474 


A catalogue  of  CIUS 
publications  may  be 
obtained  from: 






352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta 
T6G  2E8 

Tel.  (403)  432-2972 

Available  from  the  Canadian  Institute 
of  Ukrainian  Studies 

The  Cultural  Renaissance  in 
Ukraine:  Polemical  Pam- 
phlets, 1925-1926 

By  Mykola  Khvylovy 
Translated,  edited  and  introduced  by 
Myroslav  Shkandrij. 

Political  writings  of  the  major  figure  in 
the  Literary  Discussion  that  took  place  in 
Soviet  Ukraine  in  the  1920s. 

xi,  266pp.,  cloth  $19.95 
ISBN  920862-42-X. 

The  Ukrainian  Impact  on 
Russian  Culture  1750-1850 

By  David  Saunders 

Based  on  original  research  in  the  ar- 
chives of  Moscow  and  Leningrad,  this 
study  sheds  new  light  on  the  role  played 
in  Russian  cultural  development  by 
those  Ukrainians  who  chose  to  identify 
themselves  with  the  Russian  Empire. 

x,  415pp.,  cloth  $19.95,  paper  $14.95. 
ISBN  920862-32-2  (cloth),  920862-34-9 

The  Ukrainian  National 
Movement  in  Galicia: 

By  Jan  Kozik 

Edited  and  with  an  Introduction  by 
Lawrence  D.  Orton. 

Analyzes  the  Ukrainian  national  revival 
in  Galicia  in  the  early  nineteenth  cen- 
tury, and  the  revolution  of  1848  in 
eastern  Galicia. 

xx,  498pp.,  cloth  $29.95,  paper  $19.95. 
ISBN  920862-40-3  (cloth),  920862-28-4 

The  above  books  may  be  ordered  from 
the  University  of  Toronto  Press,  Distribu- 
tion Department,  5201  Dufferin  Street, 
Downsview,  Ontario  M3H  5T8. 

New  Publications 

Chernobyl  and  Nuclear  Power  in  the  USSR 

In  late  1986,  CIUS  published 
Chernobyl  and  Nuclear  Power  in  the  USSR 
by  David  R.  Marples.  Written  in  the  wake  of 
the  26  April  disaster  at  the  Chernobyl 
nuclear  power  plant  in  Ukraine,  the  book 
places  the  accident  within  the  context  of 
Soviet  development  of  the  industry.  It 
argues  that  although  several  specific  causes 
of  the  accident  have  been  elucidated  by  the 
Soviet  authorities,  acute  problems 
concerned  with  both  labour  and  quality 
control  have  been  evident  at  Ukraine’s 
nuclear  facilities  for  at  least  a decade. 
Moreover,  these  difficulties  have  been 
heightened  as  a consequence  of  the  crash 
programme  for  Soviet  development  in  the 
1980s  and  Ukraine’s  additional  inclusion  in  a 
concerted  expansion  of  the  industry  in 
Eastern  Europe. 

Divided  into  seven  chapters,  the 
volume  includes  a Chernobyl  Diary,  which 
covers  Soviet  reporting  during  the  first  two 
weeks  after  the  accident;  Soviet  energy 
policy;  East  European  nuclear  development; 
Soviet  nuclear  power  development  in  the 
1980s,  including  an  in-depth  analysis  of 
work  at  each  of  the  Ukrainian  plants;  safety 
and  construction  questions;  a detailed 
account  of  the  Chernobyl  disaster;  and  the 
aftermath  of  the  accident,  including  the 
clean-up  operation,  and  political  and 
economic  consequences.  The  author 
believes  that  despite  the  frankness  exhibited 

by  the  representatives  of  the  Soviet  State 
Committee  on  the  Utilization  of  Atomic 
Energy  at  the  meeting  of  the  International 
Atomic  Energy  Agency  in  Vienna,  no 
fundamental  changes  to  or  slowdown  of  the 
Soviet  nuclear  programme  are  anticipated. 
The  volume  contains  appendices  and  an 
index.  The  book  is  being  published  jointly 
with  the  Macmillan  Press,  London  and  St. 
Martin’s  Press,  New  York.  The  CIUS  edition, 
which  runs  to  256  pages,  is  available  in 
Canada  only  for  $19.95  (clothbound)  and 
$14.95  (paperbound),  ISBN  920862-48-9 
and  920862-50-0,  respectively. 

Famine  in  Ukraine  7932-7933 

In  November  1986,  selected  papers 
from  the  1983  Montreal  conference  on  the 
Ukrainian  Famine  were  issued  under  the  title 
Famine  in  Ukraine  7932-7933.  Along  with 
Dr.  Robert  Conquest’s  book  Harvest  of 
Sorrow  (Edmonton:  University  of  Alberta 
Press,  1986),  this  volume  is  one  of  the  few 
monograph-level  studies  available  on  the 
Ukrainian  Famine.  It  consists  of  the 
following  essays: 

James  E.  Mace,  “The  Man-Made  Famine  of 
1933  in  Soviet  Ukraine”; 

Bohdan  Krawchenko,  “The  Man-Made 
Famine  of  1932-33  and  Collectivization  in 
Soviet  Ukraine”; 

M.  Maksudov,  “Ukraine’s  Demographic 
Losses  1927-1938”; 

James  E.  Mace,  “The  Famine  of  1933:  A 
Survey  of  the  Sources”; 

Marco  Carynnyk,  “Making  the  News  Fit  to 
Print:  Walter  Duranty,  the  New  York  Times 
and  the  Ukrainian  Famine  of  1933”; 

Andre  Liebich,  “Russian  Mensheviks  and  the 
Famine  of  1933”; 

Marco  Carynnyk,  “Blind  Eye  to  Murder: 
Britain,  the  United  States  and  the  Ukrainian 
Famine  of  1933”; 


Wsewolod  W.  Isajiw,  “The  Impact  of  the 
Man-Made  Famine  on  the  Structure  of 
Ukrainian  Society”; 

Roman  Serbyn,  “The  Famine  of 
1921-1923:  A Model  for  1932-1933?”; 
Frank  Chalk  and  Kurt  Jonassohn, 
“Conceptualizations  of  Genocide  and 

Edited  by  Roman  Serbyn  and  Bohdan 
Krawchenko,  the  book  contains  192  pages, 
and  is  available  in  a clothbound  edition  for 
$ 1 9.95,  ISBN  920862-43-8. 

Pol  iti cal  Thought  of  the  Ukrainian 

Also  in  1986,  CIUS  published  Political 
Thought  of  the  Ukrainian  Underground 
1943-1951,  edited  by  Peter  J.  Potichnyj  and 
Yevhen  Shtendera.  The  struggle  of  the 
Ukrainian  Insurgent  Army  (UPA)  against  the 
Nazi  and  Soviet  occupations  of  Ukraine, 
which  lasted  for  almost  a decade,  was 
comparable  in  scale  to  the  largest  European 
resistance  movements.  Because  it  failed  to 
establish  an  independent  state,  however,  the 
Ukrainian  resistance  remains  little  known  in 
the  West.  In  the  USSR,  on  the  other  hand, 
its  continuing  importance  is  shown  by  the 
authorities’  incessant  propaganda  campaign 
against  Ukrainian  nationalism  and  by  the 
numerous  executions  of  UPA  veterans, 
which  have  continued  into  the  1980s. 

For  the  first  time  in  English,  this 
406-page  volume  brings  together  a rich 
collection  of  analytical  essays  and 
programmatic  statements  written  by  those 
involved  directly  in  the  struggle.  The  essays 
provide  a thorough  discussion  of  the 
problems  facing  the  Ukrainian  insurgents: 
imperialist  plans  and  occupation  policies, 
ideological  questions,  and  the  formulation 
of  strategy  and  tactics.  Seven  programmatic 

statements  complete  the  collection.  The 
volume  contains  a historical  introduction  and 
is  fully  annotated.  It  is  available  in  a 
clothbound  edition  for  $24.95,  ISBN 

Social  Change  and  National  Consciousness 
in  20th  Century  Ukraine 

CIUS  has  published  a paperback  edition 
of  Bohdan  Krawchenko’s  book  Social 
Change  and  National  Consciousness  in  20th 
Century  Ukraine.  Published  in  hard  copy  by 
the  Macmillan  Press,  London  and  St.  Martin’s 
Press,  New  York  in  1985,  the  333-page 
book  is  the  first  social  history  of  twentieth 
century  Ukraine.  It  examines  the  effects  of 
social  and  political  change  on  the  national 
consciousness  of  Ukrainian  workers, 
peasants,  the  intelligentsia  and  political  elite. 
The  CIUS  edition  will  be  available  in  Canada 
only  for  $19.95,  ISBN  0-920862-46-2. 

Ukraine  during  World  War  / / 

CIUS  has  reprinted  Ukraine  during 
World  War  II:  History  and  Its  Aftermath , 
edited  by  Yury  Boshyk.  The  volume 
discusses  topics  such  as  the  Soviet  and  Nazi 
occupations  of  Ukraine;  Jewish-Ukrainian 
relations  during  the  period;  and  Ukrainian 
participation  in  the  German  armed  forces 
and  civil  administration.  The  first  printing  of 
2,750  copies  sold  out  within  a few  months. 
The  book  is  available  for  $ 19.95  (cloth)  and 
$9.95  (paper).  ISBN  920862-37-3  (cloth), 
920862-36-5  (paper). 

Modern  Ukrainian 

CIUS  has  issued  a second  edition  of 
Assya  Humesky’s  Modern  Ukrainian  one 
of  the  most  comprehensive  Ukrainian 


grammars  available.  The  book  is  divided  into 
twenty  lessons  that  make  it  a most  useful 
textbook  for  schools  and  colleges.  It  is  438 
pages  in  length  and  available  in  paperback 
for  $8.00. 

All  the  above  books  may  be  ordered  from: 

University  of  Toronto  Press  Distribution 


5201  Dufferin  Street 

Downsview,  Ontario 

M3H  5T8 

New  Research  Report 

CIUS  recently  published  a new 
research  report.  The  fourteenth  in  the 
series  was  Ukrainski  kompozytory 
(Ukrainian  composers)  by  Mariia  Dytyniak,  a 
160-page  biographical  guide  to  Ukrainian 
composers,  past  and  present,  in  both 
Ukraine  and  in  the  emigration.  It  is  available 
for  $ 1 1.00,  from  the  Canadian  Institute  of 
Ukrainian  Studies,  University  of  Alberta, 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada  T6G  2E8. 



Dr.  Baha  Abu-Laban,  Associate 
Vice-President  (Research),  University  of 
Alberta  has  appointed  the  following  to  a 
two-year  term  on  the  CIUS  Advisory 
Council:  Dr.  J.P.  Himka  (History,  chairman). 
Dr.  0.  Ilnytzkyj  (Slavic  and  East  European 
Studies),  Dr.  M.R.  Lupul  (Educational 
Foundations),  Mr.  Alan  Rutkowski  (University 
of  Alberta  Library),  Mr.  John  Sokolowski 
(Alberta  Education)  and  Dr.  D.H.  Struk  (Slavic 

Languages  and  Literatures,  University  of 
Toronto  and  Managing  Editor,  Encyclopedia 
of  Ukraine).  Under  the  new  terms,  the 
Council  is  “to  advise  on  policies  and 
programmes”  for  CIUS  and  can  “appoint 
task  forces,  as  needed  to  assist  the 
Director  on  specific  problems  and 
projects.”  The  Director,  Dr.  Bohdan 
Krawchenko,  and  the  Vice-President 
(Research)  or  designee  are  ex-officio 
members  of  the  Council. 


Recently  CIUS  was  the  grateful 
recipient  of  two  bequests:  $30,000  from 
the  estate  of  the  late  Mr.  George  Deba  of 
Vancouver,  B.C.;  and  $2,000  from  the 
estate  of  the  late  Mrs.  Katherine  Ursula 
Miskew.  Both  bequests  will  be  used  to 
establish  an  endowment  fund  to  promote 
Ukrainian  studies  research  and  publications. 

George  Deba,  who  died  in  Vancouver 
on  2 January  1986,  was  born  in  the  village 
of  Havrylivka  in  Bukovyna  on  1 April  1914. 
He  served  in  the  Romanian  army  during  the 
war.  He  came  to  Canada  in  1948  and 
established  a construction  firm  in 
Vancouver.  Mr.  Deba  became  widely  known 
last  year,  when  he  funded  a monument  in 
Jerusalem  dedicated  to  the  memory  of 
Ukrainian  and  Jewish  victims  of  the  Soviet 
and  Nazi  regimes. 

Mr.  Deba  was  a benefactor  of  many 
Ukrainian  causes,  and  substantial  bequests 
from  his  estate  were  given  to  a number  of 
Ukrainian  institutions. 

The  bequests  have  been  submitted  to 
the  University  of  Alberta  Fund  Development 
Office,  which  has  applied  for  matching  fund 
from  the  Government  of  Alberta  “Advanced 
Education  Endowment  and  Incentive  Fund.” 
This  fund  matches  cash  endowments  on  a 


two  to  one  ratio.  Consequently,  the  above 
bequests  will  result  in  a $96,000 
endowment  fund  to  be  administered  by 


The  annual  conference  of  the  Canadian 
Association  of  Slavists  (CAS)  took  place 
from  7 to  9 June  1986  at  the  University  of 
Manitoba,  Winnipeg.  During  the  conference 
the  following  papers  were  delivered  on 
Ukrainian  topics: 

Modern  Ukrainian  Literature 
“Reason  and  Irrational  in  Vynnychenko’s 
Notebooks  of  a Snub-Nosed 
Mephistophe/es ,”  R.  Bahrij-Pikulyk  (York) 
“The  Beginnings  of  Expressionism  in 
Ukrainian  Literature,”  H.  Muchin  (Alberta) 
“Galician  Elements  in  the  Works  of  Bruno 
Schulz,”  B.  Budurowycz  (Toronto) 

“Ivan  Franko  and  ‘Moloda  Muza’,”  M. 
Horban-Carynnyk  (Toronto) 

Political  Theory  in  Ukraine 

“The  Nationalist  Theory  of  the  State,”  M. 

Yurkevych  (Alberta) 

“The  Economic  Programmes  of  Ukrainian 
National  Communism  During  the  1920s,” 
Bohdan  Somchynsky  (Glasgow) 

“The  Origins  of  the  Autonomist  Tradition  of 
Ukrainian  Political  Thought,”  S.  Velychenko 

“Theoretical  Constructs  in  the  Development 
of  Soviet  Nationality  Policy:  The  Role  of 
Ukraine,”  Roman  Solchanyk  (Munich) 

Women  Workers  and  School ing  in  Western 
Canada:  The  Ukrainian  Experience 
“Interviews  with  Ukrainian  Students  and 
Teachers,  1904-1940,”  Neil  McDonald 

“The  Education  of  Ukrainian  Children 
Viewed  from  the  Perspective  of 

Immigrants,”  Stella  Hryniuk  (Manitoba) 

Slavic  Li ngui sties 

“Ukrainian  Accentuation  Patterns,”  A. 
Hornjatkevyc  (Alberta) 

Mennonites  and  Ukrainians:  in  Honour  of 
the  200th  Anniversary  of  Mennonite 
Settlement  in  Ukraine 
“Russian  Attitudes  Toward  Mennonite 
Colonists,  1789-1850,”  K.A.  Papmehl 
(Western  Ontario) 

“Mennonites  in  Ukraine,  1789-1943,”  G.K. 
Epp  (Winnipeg) 

The  Ukrainian  Heritage 

“The  Depiction  of  Ukrainians  in  Canadian 

Protestant  Publications,  1900-1925,” 

Vivian  Olender  (Centre  for  Ukrainian 
Canadian  Studies) 

“Religious  Printing  in  the  Kievan 
Metropolitanate  during  the  XVIIIth  Century,” 
Roman  Yereniuk  (St.  Andrew’s  College) 
“Archbishop  Adelard  Langevin  and  the 
Ukrainians,  1897-1913,”  Walter  Senchuk 
(Centre  for  Ukrainian  Canadian  Studies) 
“Peter  Mohyla  and  the  Zaporozhian 
Cossacks,”  Alexander  Baran  (Manitoba) 

“The  Ukrainian  Immigrant  in  Canada  as 
Depicted  in  Ivakh’s  Hoios  Zemii  and  Kiriak’s 
Syny  zemii ,”  Alexandra  Pawlowsky  (Centre 
for  Ukrainian  Canadian  Studies) 

“The  Anti-Vynnychenko  Literary  Critics, 
1903-1933,”  Peter  Zalucky  (Centre  for 
Ukrainian  Canadian  Studies) 

Ukrainians  in  Canada  Before  World  War  i 
“Stereotyping  by  the  Crown:  Official 
Perceptions  of  Ukrainian  Immigrants  in  the 
Formative  Years  of  Ukrainian  Settlement  in 
Western  Canada,  1892-1900,”  John  C. 

Lehr  (Winnipeg) 

“The  Ukrainian  Socialist  Movement  in  Canada 
to  1918,”  Orest  Martynowych  (Alberta) 
“Unfriendly  Competitors:  Jews,  Ukrainians 
and  Municipal  Politics  in  Winnipeg’s  Ward  5, 


191  1-1914,”  Henry  Trachtenberg  (Historic 
Resources,  Manitoba) 

Ukrainian  Literature 
“The  Poems  and  Love  Letters  of  Hetman 
Ivan  Mazepa,”  Y.  Slavutych  (Alberta) 
“Ukrainian  Translations  of  Paul  Valery’s 
Poems,”  0.  Zujewsky  (Alberta) 

“The  Theme  of  the  ‘Native  Land’  in  the  New 
York  Group  of  Poets,”  J.  Wasyluk 

Ukrainian  Shakespeare  Society 
“30th  Anniversary  of  the  Ukrainian 
Shakespeare  Society:  Recollections,” 

J.B.  Rudnyckyj  (Montreal) 

“ Henry  IV  in  Ukrainian  Translation  by 
T.  Os’machka,”  W.T.  Zyla  (Texas  Tech.) 
“Shakespearian  Sonnets  in  Ukrainian 
Literature,”  Dan  B.  Chopyk  (Utah) 

Slavic  Library  Resources  in  the  Winnipeg 

“St.  Andrew’s  College,”  Raisa  Moroz  (St. 

“Ukrainian  Cultural  and  Education  Centre 
(Oseredok),”  Tamara  Chomenko  (Oseredok) 
“UVAN  Library  and  Archives,”  Lev  Negrych 

“Ivan  Franko  Library,”  Anton  Bilecky  (AUUC) 

Slavic  Art  and  Architecture  in  Canada 
“William  Kurelek  as  Multicultural  Artist,” 

A.  Arnold 

“Onion  Domes,  Belltowers  and  Cupolas:  A 
Study  of  the  Evolution  of  Traditional 
Styles,”  B.  Rotoff  (Manitoba) 

Bibliographical  Reviews  and  Projects 
“Ukrainian  Encyclopedias:  Critical  Review,” 
Wasyl  Veryha  (Toronto) 

“Literature  in  Translation,”  Oksana  Piaseckyj 

“Ukrainian  Canadian  Literature  and  Folklore: 
A Project,”  J.  Muchin  (Manitoba) 


An  innovative  venture  in  the  field  of 
multiculturalism,  headed  by  Dr.  Roman 
Petryshyn,  has  been  initiated  at  Grant 
MacEwan  Community  College  (GMCC), 
Edmonton,  Alberta.  This  year-long  project 
to  develop  multicultural  policy  and 
programming,  the  first  of  its  kind  in  Canada, 
began  in  June  1986.  Petryshyn,  as  Grant 
MacEwan  Community  College’s  Multicultural 
Advisor,  has  a longstanding  interest  in 
multicultural  development  at  the  community 
level.  Formerly  a CIUS  research  associate, 
he  then  became  Director  of  the  Northern 
Branch  in  the  Cultural  Heritage  Division, 
Alberta  Culture,  where  he  administered 
grant,  education  information  and  community 
consulting  programme. 

Petryshyn  will  be  organizing  the  first 
province-wide  Summer  School  for  Ethnic 
Dance  to  provide  an  opportunity  for 
dancers,  managers  and  support  personnel 
to  receive  college-level  instruction.  He  will 
also  survey  heritage  art  instructors 
throughout  Alberta  and  market  selected 
GMCC  credit  and  non-credit  courses  to 
ethnocultural  organizations.  Currently  there 
are  about  750  ethnocultural  organizations  in 
Edmonton  alone,  many  of  which  are 
involved  in  the  arts. 

In  September  1986,  a GMCC  Policy 
Task  Force  on  Multiculturalism  was 
established  including  deans  and 
representatives  from  the  College’s 
Divisions — Performing,  Visual  and 
Communication  Arts,  Academic,  Business, 
Community  and  Health  Services — and 
government  and  community  representatives. 
It  is  to  examine  the  College’s  past  and 
potential  involvement  in  multiculturalism, 
identifying  personnel,  resources  and 
facilities  suitable  for  this  type  of 


programming,  and  consult  with  community 
groups  on  their  post-secondary  needs.  Dr. 
Petryshyn  has  been  joined  by  Lida 
Somchynsky,  also  a former  CIUS  staff 
member.  The  GMCC  office  issues  a 
newsletter — GMCC  Multicultural 
News — every  two  months  to  inform 
readers  of  further  developments.  Further 
information  may  be  obtained  from: 

Grant  MacEwan  Community  College 

Jasper  Place  Campus 

Box  1796 

Edmonton,  Alberta 

T5J  2P2 

Tel:  (403)  483-4424  or  483-4474 


On  Tuesday  evenings  during  the 
academic  year,  from  6 to  9 pm,  courses  in 
Ukrainian  history  are  offered  at  the 
University  of  Alberta.  The  courses  are 
taught  by  Dr.  John-Paul  Himka  in  the  Tory 
Building  (either  room  2-44  or  2-58).  Five 
courses  succeed  one  another  each  term  in 
the  following  order:  Ancient  and  Medieval 
Ukraine  (to  c.  1350);  Ukraine  in  Early 
Modern  Times  (c.  1350-1800); 
Nineteenth-Century  Ukraine  (c.  1800-1920); 
Twentieth-Century  Ukraine  (c. 

1920-present);  and  Topics  in  Ukrainian 
History  (a  seminar  on  a special  theme 
designated  in  advance;  this  term,  for 
example,  the  theme  is  church  history). 

In  the  winter  semester  of  1987 
(January-April),  the  course  on  Ancient  and 
Medieval  Ukraine  will  be  offered.  This  series 
of  lectures  and  slide  presentations  will  deal 
with  Ukraine  in  ancient  times,  the  origins  of 
the  Kievan  Rus’  state,  its  flourishing  and 
decline,  the  Mongol  invasion  and  the  division 
of  Ukrainian  lands  among  foreign  powers. 

primarily  Poland  and  Lithuania.  Special 
emphases  include  culture  and  everyday  life 
in  the  Ukrainian  middle  ages  as  well  as  the 
conversion  of  Ukrainians  to  Christianity  by 
Grand  Prince  Volodymyr  in  988.  The 
lectures  run  from  13  January  to  31  March. 
The  course.  History  333,  is  to  be  located  in 
Tory  2-58. 

Ukrainian  history  courses  are  being 
offered  in  the  evening  to  allow  interested 
members  of  the  public  the  opportunity  to 
attend  (on  the  same  principle,  general  East 
European  courses  are  offered  on  Thursday 
evenings).  To  audit  the  course,  i.e.,  to 
attend  the  lectures  without  taking  the 
examinations,  writing  a paper  or  receiving 
university  credit,  one  must  pick  up  an 
“auditor’s  form”  from  the  receptionist  on 
the  main  floor  of  the  Administration  Building 
between  5 and  16  January  (it  is  advisable  to 
pick  up  the  form  as  close  to  5 January  as 
possible).  The  fee  for  a one-semester 
course  (a  so-called  half-course)  is  $52. 
Questions  about  registration  procedures  can 
be  directed  to  the  university’s  Office  of  the 
Registrar  (432-31  13).  Inquiries  about  the 
course  should  be  directed  to  Dr.  Himka 
(432-3543);  messages  may  be  left  with  the 
history  department  (432-3270). 

Schedule  of 
13  January 
20  January 
27  January 
3 February 
24  February 
3 March: 
10  March: 

17  March: 

24  March: 
31  March: 

Lectures,  January-March  7 987 
Ukraine  in  Ancient  Times 
The  Origins  of  Rus’ 

The  Conversion  to  Christianity 
: The  Age  of  laroslav  the  Wise 
: The  Decline  of  Kievan  Rus’ 
The  Mongol  Invasion 
The  Kingdom  of 
The  Division  of  the  Kievan 

The  High  Culture  of  Rus’ 

Daily  Life  in  Rus’ 



Building  the  Future:  Ukrainian 
Canadians  in  the  2 1st  Century — A 
Blueprint  for  Action  is  the  title  of  a report 
recently  released  by  the  Ukrainian 
Community  Development  Committee  (UCDC). 
UCDC  was  created  by  the  Ukrainian  Canadian 
Committee  (National  Headquarters, 

Winnipeg)  in  March  1982,  to  address  the 
future  development  of  the  Ukrainian 
community  in  Canada.  The  focus  of  UCDC 
was  deliberately  confined  to  the  three 
Prairie  provinces,  where  Ukrainian  Canadians 
are  most  numerous.  The  report  presents  an 
in-depth  analysis  of  the  history  of  Ukrainian 
settlement  in  the  Prairies,  and  current 
problems  facing  the  community,  and  pays 
particular  attention  to  the  arts, 
communication  and  education.  It  also  draws 
a blueprint  for  action  in  each  of  the  areas 
addressed.  The  document  is  the  result  of  an 
in-depth  study  of  the  Ukrainian  community 
undertaken  by  UCDC,  which  involved 
conferences,  analyses  of  census  data  and 
of  a questionnaire  administered  in  1983-4 
to  Ukrainian  community  organizations  in  the 
Prairies.  Published  in  English,  Ukrainian  and 
French,  copies  of  the  report  can  be 
obtained  from  the  following: 

Provincial  Council,  Ukrainian  Canadian 


1 355  Main  Street 

Winnipeg,  Manitoba 

R2W  3T7 

P.0.  Box  141 
Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan 
S7K  3K4 

#202,  10852-97  Street 
Edmonton,  Alberta 
T5H  2M5 


In  the  summer  of  1986,  the  editorial 
office  of  the  Journal  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
was  transferred  from  the  University  of 
Toronto  to  CIUS.  Roman  Senkus,  who  has 
edited  the  journal  since  its  inception  in 
1976,  will  now  work  full-time  as  chief 
manuscript  editor  of  the  Encyclopedia  of 
Ukraine.  The  new  editor  of  JUS  is  CIUS 
research  associate  Myroslav  Yurkevich. 

Issue  19  of  the  journal  was  published 
in  September.  It  contains  the  following 

Bohdan  S.  Kordan,  with  the  assistance 
of  Rita  F.  Chow,  “Ukrainians  and  the 
1981  Canada  Census  Ethnic-Origin 

Robert  B.  Klymasz,  “Male  and  Female 
Principles  as  Structure  in  the  Ritual 
Foodways  of  Ukrainians  in  Canada”; 
laroslav  Hordynsky,  “Zhinoche  pytannia 
v povisti  Radianskoi  Ukrainy”  (Part  1); 
Valeriian  Pidmohylny,  “Vania,” 
translated  by  Maxim  Tarnawsky; 

Marta  Tarnawsky,  “Ukrainian  Literature 
in  English  Published  since  1980”  (Part 

Stephen  Velychenko,  “The  Official 
Soviet  View  of  Ukrainian 

The  annual  subscription  rate  has  been 
increased  to  $ 10.00  for  individuals  and 
$ 15.00  for  libraries  and  institutions. 
Cheques  and  money  orders  should  be  sent 
to:  Journal  of  Ukrainian  Studies,  Canadian 
Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies,  352 
Athabasca  Hall,  University  of  Alberta, 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada  T6G  2E8. 
Subscriptions  outside  Canada  are  payable  in 
U.S.  funds. 




Dr.  Manoly  Lupul,  CIUS  director  from  1976 
to  1986,  is  currently  on  a year’s  study 
leave.  In  September  1987  he  will  return  to 
the  Department  of  Educational  Foundations 
University  of  Alberta,  where  he  is  a 
specialist  on  the  development  of  education 
in  Canada,  with  special  reference  to 
multiculturalism  and  the  education  of 
minorities  in  western  Canada.  He  has  been 
appointed  a member  of  the  CIUS  Advisory 

In  May  1986,  the  fourth  Antonovych 
prize  in  Ukrainian  studies  was  awarded  to 
Dr.  David  Saunders,  Department  of  History, 
University  of  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 

England,  for  his  book.  The  Ukrainian 
impact  on  Russian  Culture,  1750-1 850 , 
published  by  CIUS  in  1985.  The  prize,  which 
consists  of  a citation  and  the  sum  of 
$5,000,  is  awarded  annually  by  the  Omeljan 
and  Tatiana  Antonovych  Foundation 
(Washington,  D.C.)  to  the  author  of  an 
outstanding  work  in  any  language  on  a topic 
in  Ukrainian  studies  (history,  history  of 
literature,  linguistics,  art  history  or  literary 
criticism).  Members  of  the  1986  Awards 
Committee  were  Bohdan  Rubchak  (University 
of  Illinois  at  Chicago),  Roman  Szporluk 
(University  of  Michigan),  Jaroslaw  Pelenski 
(University  of  Iowa)  and  John  Fizer  (Rutgers 


Earlier  this  year,  CIUS  acquired  two 
archives  which  have  now  been  deposited 
with  the  University  of  Alberta.  The  first, 
donated  by  Mr.  Bohdan  Hoshowsky  of 
Toronto,  is  the  archive  of  luliian  Vassyian 
(1894-1953),  a prominent  writer  on 
philosophical  subjects  and  ideologue  of  the 
Organization  of  Ukrainian  Nationalists. 
Included  are  manuscripts  of  Vassyian’s 
articles  (some  of  which  have  never  been 
published),  research  notes,  photographs  and 
correspondence.  The  second  is  the  archive 
of  the  outstanding  Sovietologist  Borys 
Lewytzkyj  (1915-84),  which  includes 
offprints  of  his  newspaper  and  journal 
articles,  as  well  as  rare  political  journals  of 
the  1940s  and  1950s. 

Scholars  wishing  to  use  this  material 
may  obtain  further  information  from  Mr. 


James  Parker,  University  Archivist, 
University  of  Alberta  Archives,  1-05C 
Rutherford  Library  South,  University  of 
Alberta,  Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8. 


In  October  1985,  the  CIUS 
Newsletter  informed  readers  of  the 
University  of  Alberta’s  acquisition  of  a 
microfilm  collection  of  rare  Ukrainian 
terminological  dictionaries  from  Mr. 
Mykhailo  Pezhansky  of  Long  Island  City, 
New  York.  Thanks  to  the  generosity  of  Dr. 
Marko  Antonovych  of  Montreal,  CIUS  has 
been  able  to  film  three  more  dictionaries 
for  the  university’s  collection: 

V.  Dubrovsky,  Moskovsko-ukrai nska 
frazeo/ohiia  (Kiev,  1917). 

N.  Kovaievska-Koroliva,  Keshenkovyi 
chesko-ukrai nskyi  s/ovnyk  (Prague, 

V.  Pidmohylny  and  le.  Pluzhnyk, 

Frazeo/ohiia  di/ovoi  movy  (Kiev, 

CIUS  would  greatly  appreciate  the 
co-operation  of  other  bibliophiles  who 
possess  rare  Ukrainian  and  Ukrainian 
Canadian  material  and  are  willing  to  make  it 
available  for  microfilming.  All  material  will 
be  treated  with  the  utmost  care  and 
returned  promptly  upon  the  completion  of 


The  sixth  annual  Cenko  prize  in 
Ukrainian  bibliography,  established  at  the 
Harvard  Ukrainian  Research  Institute  by  Dr. 
Mykola  and  the  late  Volodymyra  Cenko  of 

Philadelphia,  was  recently  awarded  to  levhen 
Misylo  (Eugeniusz  Misito),  a research 
associate  of  the  Polish  Academy  of 
Sciences  in  Warsaw.  Mr.  Misylo  was 
presented  with  $ 1,000  for  his  “Bibliohrafiia 
ukrainskoi  presy  v Polshchi  (1918-39)  i 
Zakhidno-Ukrainskii  Narodnii  Respublitsi 
(1918-19)”  (Bibliography  of  the  Ukrainian 
Press  in  Poland  (1918-39)  and  in  the 
Western  Ukrainian  People’s  Republic 
(1918-19)).  The  work  provides  a 
bibliographic  description  of  1,210 
newspapers,  journals,  annual  almanacs  and 
reports  published  in  Ukrainian  or  by 
Ukrainians.  The  entries  include  brief 
annotations  and  holdings  information  for 
volumes  preserved  in  libraries  and  archives, 
primarily  in  Poland.  At  present,  the 
bibliography  is  available  only  in  typescript, 
since  the  Cenko  prize  is  awarded  only  for 
unpublished  work.  The  bibliography  will  be 
published  by  CIUS  in  1987. 


The  Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine  will  be 
the  most  advanced  reference  work  on 
Ukraine  in  the  English  language.  Volume  one 
of  the  five-volume  set  was  published  by  the 
University  of  Toronto  Press  in  the  fall  of 
1984.  It  contains  approximately  3,000 
entries  in  nearly  1,000  pages,  450  black 
and  white  illustrations,  150  plates,  and 
several  maps,  many  in  colour.  Most  entry 
titles  are  given  in  English  with  the  Ukrainian 
equivalent  in  parentheses;  if  the  title  or 
name  is  also  well  known  in  another 
language,  that  is  included.  Basically  two 
transliteration  systems  are  used  for  words 
and  names  from  the  Cyrillic  alphabet:  the 
Library  of  Congress  system  (in  the  modified 
form  throughout  and  in  the  strict  form  in 
bibliographies)  and  the  International 
Linguistic  system,  used  to  give  the  phonetic 
equivalents  of  Ukrainian  entry  titles. 



Editorial  Staff 

Danylo  Husar  Struk  Managing  Editor 

Editorial  Board 

Oleksa  Bilaniuk  Bohdan  Krawchenko 

Manoly  Lupul  Vasyl  Markus 

Danylo  Husar  Struk  Arkadii  Joukovsky 

Project  Advisory  Committee 

Atanas  Figol 

Shevchenko  Scientific  Society 

Manoly  Lupul 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 

John  Stashuk 

Canadian  Foundation  of  Ukrainian 

Subject  Editors 


Sviatoslav  Hordynsky;  Sofiia  Yaniv 


Chrystyna  Spolsky 


Svyatoslav  Trofimenko 


Bohdan  R.  Bociurkiw;  Vasyl  Markus; 
Arkadii  Joukovsky 


Manoly  Lupul;  Vasyl  Markus 


Bohdan  Krawchenko 


Ivan  Koropeckyj;  Bohdan  Krawchenko 

Ethnography,  Folklore 

Mykola  Hnatiukivsky 


Ihor  Stebelsky 


Oleksander  Ohloblyn;  Arkadii 

Law,  Political  Science 

Vasyl  Markus 


George  Y.  Shevelov 


Ivan  Koshelivets;  Danylo  Husar  Struk 


Volodymyr  Petryshyn 

Medical  Science 

Heinrich  Schultz 

Military  History 

Petro  Sodol 


Roman  Savytsky;  Vasyl  Vytvytsky 


Oleksa  Bilaniuk 


Sofiia  Yaniv 


Bohdan  Krawchenko 


Osyp  Zinkevych 


Liubomyr  Onyshkevych 


Valerian  Revutsky 

Office  Staff 

Boris  Balan 

Project  Co-ordinator;  Editor 

Ivan  Ochrymowicz 

Computer  Operator;  Translator 

Mary  Pasieka 

Computer  Operator;  Secretary 

Roman  Senkus 

Chief  Manuscript  Editor 

Taras  Zakydalsky 

Translator;  Editor 

Roma  Yanchinski 

Research;  Writer 


The  first  volume  was  accompanied  by 
a Map  and  Gazetteer  as  a supplement  to  all 
the  volumes  of  the  encyclopedia.  Compiled 
by  V.  Kubijovyc  and  A.  Joukovsky,  the 
volume  presents  a beautifully  produced 
colour  map  that  clearly  indicates  not  only 
the  provincial  and  political  borders  of  the 
present  Ukrainian  SSR,  but  also  the 
ethnographic  borders  of  the  Ukrainian 
people.  Comprehensive  statistics 
concerning  the  population  of  Ukraine  and 
Ukrainians  abroad,  as  well  as  the  index  and 
explanatory  tables,  make  the  map  easy  to 
use.  The  first  print-run  of  volume  one, 
totalling  5,000  copies,  was  sold  out  within 
three  months.  A second  printing  has  attained 
similar  success. 

The  Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine  is,  in 
part,  a translation  and  revision  of  the 
ten-volume  Ukrainian-ianguage  edition  (nine 
volumes  have  appeared  so  far), 

Entsyk/opedi ia  ukrai noznavstva,  a work 
initiated  35  years  ago  by  the  Shevchenko 
Scientific  Society,  the  oldest  Ukrainian 
scholarly  assocation.  It  was  edited,  until  his 
death  in  1985,  by  Volodymyr  Kubijovyc,  the 
distinguished  Ukrainian  scholar  and 
geographer  who  lived  in  Sarcelles,  France. 
The  Ukrainian  encyclopedia  is  to  be 
completed  under  the  editorship  of  Arkadii 
Joukovsky,  Vasyl  Markus  and  Sofiia  Yaniv. 
Work  on  the  English-language  encyclopedia 
will  be  co-ordinated  by  the  director  of  the 
Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies, 
Bohdan  Krawchenko.  He  will  act  as  liaison 
between  the  Shevchenko  Scientific  Society 
centre  in  Sarcelles  and  the  encyclopedia’s 
editorial  office  in  Toronto.  Editorial 
reponsibilities  will  be  the  responsibility  of 
the  Toronto  office  director  and  managing 
editor,  Danylo  Husar  Struk.  Other  members 
of  the  editorial  board  are  Oleksa  Bilaniuk 
(Philadelphia),  Bohdan  Krawchenko 
(Edmonton),  Manoly  Lupul  (Edmonton),  Vasyl 
Markus  (Chicago),  and  Arkadii  Joukovsky 

The  Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine  should 
be  completed  by  1992,  the  centennial  of 
Ukrainian  settlement  in  Canada.  The  work 
will  contain  in  total  about  20,000  entries 
which  fall  roughly  into  four  groups: 

1 . Entries  on  Ukraine’s  geography  and 
natural  environment, 
geographical-historical  regions, 
archeology  and  history,  jurisprudence, 
churches,  language  and  literature, 
education,  art,  theatre,  music  and 

2.  Entries  surveying  the  development  of 
various  scholarly  disciplines  in  Ukraine, 
including  those  not  dealing  with 
Ukraine  specifically  but  with  technical 
and  scientific  subjects  such  as 
anthropology,  botany,  zoology, 
chemistry,  physics,  medicine  and 
economic  studies. 

3.  Entries  dealing  with  Ukraine’s  relations 
with  other  countries,  contacts 
between  Ukrainians  and  other  peoples 
and  nations,  in  the  past  and  present, 
countries  to  which  Ukrainians  have 
emigrated,  and  national  minorities  in 

4.  Entries  on  individual  events,  places, 
institutions,  periodicals  and 
publications,  associations  and 

Copies  can  be  purchased  for  $ 1 15.00 
at  the  University  of  Toronto  Bookstore,  at 
various  Ukrainian  bookstores  in  Toronto  and 
elsewhere,  and  by  mail  from:  Canadian 
Foundation  of  Ukrainian  Studies,  Box  205, 
133  West  5th  Avenue,  Vancouver,  B.C., 
V5Y  3X1. 

1 1 


Peter  Savaryn  has  retired  as  Chancellor  of 
the  University  of  Alberta.  Mr.  Savaryn,  the 
university’s  twelfth  Chancellor,  played  a 
major  role  in  the  establishment  of  CIUS.  He 
is  president  of  the  World  Congress  of  Free 


During  the  summer  of  1986,  CIUS 
sponsored  a number  of  research  projects. 
Mr.  Wiktor  Holowacz  was  employed  as  an 
Archives  Intern  at  the  Public  Archives  of 
Canada  preparing  an  inventory  of  the 
Ukrainian  Canadian  Veterans’  Association 
collection  under  the  supervision  of  Mr. 
Myron  Momryk.  Ms.  Natalia  Chomiak  and 
Ms.  Chrystia  Freeland  were  employed  as 
research  assistants  as  part  of  the 
Government  of  Canada  Summer 
Employment  / Experience  Development 
programme.  Ms.  Chomiak,  a resident  of 
Ottawa,  under  the  direction  of  Orest 

Martynowych  and  David  Lupul,  CIUS 
research  associates,  examined  various 
archives  pertaining  to  Ukrainian  Canadians  in 
the  pre-First  World  War  period.  Ms. 
Freeland,  supervised  by  Dr.  Bohdan 
Krawchenko,  wrote  entries  for  the  second 
volume  of  the  Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine. 


During  the  summer,  CIUS’  Ukrainian 
Language  Resource  Centre  (ULRC)  acquired  a 
number  of  new  films  and  videotapes  from 
Ukraine.  Among  them  are  several  feature 
films,  including  Povernennia  Baterfiiai 
(Return  of  the  Butterfly — glimpses  from  the 
life  of  the  singer  Solomiia  Krushelnytska), 
/van  Franko,  O/eksa  Dovbush,  and  others. 
The  ULRC  has  also  obtained  a large  number 
of  short  films,  such  as  Petrykivskyi 
rozpysl  A Rainbow  of  Colour  (an 
examination  of  folk  paintings  from  the 
village  of  Petrykivka),  istoriia  odnoho 
pamiatnyka  (the  history  of  the  Church  of 
the  Dormition  in  Lviv),  Ptakhy  ietiat  nadi 
mnoiui Birds  Flying  Overhead  (a  biography 
of  the  filmmaker  Oleksandr  Dovzhenko),  and 
many  others.  These  shorts  are  available 
either  with  a Ukrainian  soundtrack,  an 
English  soundtrack,  or  with  both. 

CIUS  is  preparing  a new  revised 
version  of  its  audiovisual  catalogue,  which 
will  include  a complete  list  of  these 
holdings.  This  catalogue  may  be  obtained 
gratis  by  the  end  of  the  calendar  year  from: 

Ukrainian  Language  Resource  Centre 
Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
335  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  T6G  2E8 

Materials  from  the  ULRC  can  be  borrowed 
free  of  charge  for  a 14-day  period.  Out  of 
town  borrowers  will  be  requested  to  pay 
shipping  and  insurance  charges  both  ways. 



Undergraduate  Scholarships 




Palichuk,  Linda  K. 
Popiwchak,  Maria 
Tarnowski,  Rosanne  T. 





Language  / Literature 

Language  / Literature 

Language  / Literature 

Masters'  Thesis  Fellowships 

Name  University  Programme  Supervisor 

Dunn-Harding,  Olya  York  History  0.  Subtelny 

(Thesis  topic:  "Tensions  between  Moderates  and  Extremists  in  Interwar  Eastern  Galicia") 

Stech,  Marko  R.  Toronto  Ukrainian  Literature  D.H.  Struk 

(Thesis  topic:  "Eaghor  Kostetzky  as  a Dramatist") 

Doctoral  Thesis  Fellowships 

Darewych,  Daria  London  Art  History  T.H.  Gretton 

(Thesis  topic:  "New  Trends  in  Contemporary  Soviet  Ukrainian  Painting") 

Jaworsky,  John  Carleton  Political  Science  B.  Bociurkiw 

(Thesis  topic:  "The  “Ethnic  Factor”  and  Inter-Ethnic  Relations  in  Soviet  Dissent") 

Klid,  Bohdan  W.  Alberta  History  J.-P.  Himka 

(Thesis  topic:  "Populism  in  Ukraine,  1860-1890") 

Somchynsky,  Bohdan  Glasgow  Political  Economy  H.  Ticktin 

(Thesis  topic:  "Ukrainian  Economic  Development  and  the  Origins  of  Soviet  Internal 



The  Canadian  Foundation  for  Ukrainian 
Studies  is  pleased  to  announce  that  Bohdan 
Kordan  is  the  recipient  of  the  1987 
Neporany  Postdoctoral  Fellowship.  The 
fellowship  was  awarded  on  the  basis  of  his 
dissertation  “Canada  and  the  Ukrainian  Ethnic 
Problem,  1939-45:  A Study  in  Statecraft,” 
which  examines  and  analyzes  the  nature  of 
Canadian  government  policy  toward  the 
Ukrainian  minority  in  Canada  during  the 
Second  World  War. 

Mr.  Kordan  holds  a B.A.  (hons.)  from 
the  University  of  Toronto,  and  an  M.A. 
from  Carleton  University.  He  will  receive 
his  Ph.D.  from  Arizona  State  University  in 
the  autumn  of  1986. 

CIUS  SEMINARS:  1986-7 

Friday,  26  September  1986 

Jaroslaw  Iwanus  (Department  of  History, 
University  of  Alberta) 

“Ukraine's  Medieval  Heritage  in  the 
Thought  of  Mykola  Kostomarov” 

Friday,  24  October  1986 

Dr.  Dmytro  Shtohryn  (Slavic  and  East 

European  Division,  University  of  Illinois 

“Literary  Research  Methods  of  the 
Kievan  Neoclassical  School” 

(In  Ukrainian) 

Friday,  28  November  1986 

Rev.  Serge  Keleher  (Archpriest,  Eparchy  of 
Toronto  and  Eastern  Canada) 

“The  Vatican's  Eastern  Policy” 

Friday,  12  December  1986 

Dr.  David  Marples  (Research  Associate, 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies) 
“Chernobyl  and  Nuclear  Power  in  the 

Friday,  30  January  1987 

Dr.  Stanistaw  Baranczak  (Department  of 
Slavic  Languages  and  Literatures, 
Harvard  University) 

“The  Ukrainian  Theme  in  Modern  Polish 

Friday,  27  February  1987 

Dr.  Roman  Petryshyn  (Multicultural  Advisor, 
Grant  MacEwan  Community  College) 
“Ukrainian  Cultural  Development  in 
Alberta:  A Vision  for  the  Future” 


Friday , 10  April  1987 

Mark  Bandera  (Department  of  Slavic  and 
East  European  Studies,  University  of 

“Ukrainian  Instrumental  Folk  Music  in 
Western  Canada” 

All  seminars  will  be  held  at  7:30  p.m.  in 
Heritage  Lounge,  Athabasca  Hall,  University 
of  Alberta. 


Three  graduate  degrees  in  Ukrainian 
studies  were  awarded  recently  at  the 
University  of  Alberta.  Halyna  Muchin 
received  a Ph.D.  in  the  Department  of  Slavic 
and  East  European  Studies  for  a dissertation 
on  “Populism  and  Modernistic  Tendencies  in 
Ukrainian  Literature.” 

Anne  Biscoe  obtained  an  M.A.  from 
the  Department  of  Political  Science  for  her 
thesis  on  “Internal  Colonialism  in  the  USSR: 
The  Case  of  Soviet  Ukraine.” 

Jaroslaw  Iwanus  received  an  M.A. 
from  the  Department  of  History.  His  thesis 
was  entitled  “Democracy,  Federalism,  and 
Nationality:  Ukraine’s  Medieval  Heritage  in 
the  Thought  of  N.l.  Kostomarov.” 


The  Ukrainian  Canadian  Centennial 
History  Project  has  received  a $20,000 
grant  from  the  Multiculturalism  Sector, 
Secretary  of  State,  Government  of  Canada. 
The  cheque  and  letter  from  the  Hon.  David 
Crombie,  Minister  Responsible  for 
Multiculturalism,  were  presented  to  CIUS 
Director  Bohdan  Krawchenko  by  Mr.  Jim 

Edwards,  MP  for  Edmonton  South,  on  25 
September  1986.  The  grant  will  be  used  to 
defray  some  of  the  research  costs  involved 
in  preparing  the  first  volume  of  the  history 
of  Ukrainians  in  Canada. 


During  the  1986*7  academic  year, 
fourteen  graduate  students  are  involved  in 
Ukrainian  studies  at  the  University  of 
Alberta,  including: 

5 in  Ukrainian  Folklore  (2  at  Ph.D.  level);  4 in 
Ukrainian  Literature  (2  at  Ph.D.  level);  4 in 
Ukrainian  History  (2  at  Ph.D.  level);  1 in  East 
European  and  Soviet  Studies  (M.A.);  1 in 
Political  Science  (M.A.);  1 in  Ukrainian 
Canadian  history  (Ph.D.  level). 



In  November  1985,  Dr.  Himka, 
assistant  professor  of  history  at  the 
University  of  Alberta,  was  chosen  as  one  of 
the  recipients  of  the  Seventh  Lesia  and 
Petro  Kovalev  Award  of  the  Ukrainian 
National  Women’s  League  of  America.  He 
received  one  of  two  second  prizes  awarded 
($  1,000  U.S.)  for  his  book  Socialism  in 
Galicia,  which  was  published  by  the  Harvard 
Ukrainian  Research  Institute  in  1983. 

In  May  1986,  Dr.  Himka  completed  a 
book-length  manuscript  entitled  “The 
Awakening  Village,”  an  investigation  of  how 
the  peasantry  of  Galicia  arrived  at  a 


Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 

University  of  Alberta 

Leo  J.  Krysa  Family  Foundation 

Undergraduate  Scholarships 

to  be  awarded  in  1987 


• The  Institute  invites  applications  for  three  undergraduate  scholarships,  each  to  a maximum  of 
$2,500.  The  awards  are  intended  for  senior  students  interested  in  an  undergraduate  degree 
with  an  emphasis  on  Ukrainian  studies,  through  a combination  of  courses  in  Ukrainian  and 
East  European,  Soviet  or  Canadian  studies  in  an  Arts  or  Education  programme. 

• The  scholarships  are  for  an  eight-month  period  of  study  at  any  Canadian  university. 

• Candidates  must  be  Canadian  citizens  or  landed  immigrants  at  the  time  of  application. 

• Only  in  exceptional  circumstances  may  an  award  be  held  concurrently  with  other  awards. 


• For  applications  write  to: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 


Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 

University  of  Alberta 

Master’s  and  Doctoral 

to  be  awarded  in  1987 


• The  Institute  invites  applications  for  two  Master’s  Thesis  Fellowships  ($4,500  each),  non- 
renewable, and  three  Doctoral  Thesis  Fellowships  ($8,000  each),  renewable.  The  awards 
are  intended  to  aid  students  to  complete  theses  on  Ukrainian  or  Ukrainian  Canadian  topics  in 
the  above  disciplines.  Fellowships  will  be  awarded  only  in  the  thesis  year  of  an  academic 
programme  and  only  for  thesis  work. 

• Canadian  citizens  or  landed  immigrants  may  hold  the  fellowships  at  any  institution  of  higher 
learning  in  Canada  or  elsewhere. 

• For  non-Canadian  applicants,  preference  will  be  given  to  students  enrolled  at  the  University  of 

• Only  in  exceptional  circumstances  may  an  award  be  held  concurrently  with  other  awards. 


• For  applications  write  to: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 


Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 

University  of  Alberta 


Research  Grants 


Application  forms  and  the  “Guide  to  Research  Applicants”  are  available  from: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 

Deadlines  for  applications  are  1 April  and  1 December. 

Ukrainian  national  consciousness.  The 
research  for  this  book  was  supported  by 
grants  from  the  Canadian  Foundation  for 
Ukrainian  Studies  (Neporany  Postdoctoral 
Fellowship)  and  the  International  Research 
and  Exchanges  Board.  Thanks  to  a grant 
from  the  Social  Sciences  and  Humanities 
Research  Council  of  Canada,  Dr.  Himka  was 
able  to  spend  two  months  this  spring  and 
summer  in  the  archives  and  libraries  of 
Rome  and  Vienna  to  carry  out  research  for 
a third  book.  Two  outlines  of  the  new 
project,  a history  of  the  Ukrainian  Catholic 
Church  in  Galicia  under  Austrian  rule,  have 

recently  been  published  as  articles:  “The 
Greek  Catholic  Church  and  Nation-Building  in 
Galicia,  1772-1918,”  Harvard  Ukrainian 
Studies  8,  no.  3-4  (December  1984): 
426-52;  and  “Kosciot  greckokatolicki  a 
procesy  narodotworcze  wsrod  Ukraincow 
w Galicji.  Krotki  przegl^d,”  Znak  (Cracow) 
37,  no.  4 (365)  (April  1985):  41-52. 



In  July  1986  Dr.  Hornjatkevyc  was 
co-instructor  of  the  course  on  kobzar  lore 
during  the  International  Classes  of  Ukrainian 
Folk  Music  held  from  29  June  to  1 1 July  in 
New  York.  During  these  classes  he  also 
conducted  seminars  on  the  following 
subjects:  “The  Physical  Necessity  of 
Music,”  “Epics,”  and  “Ukrainian  Folk 
Instruments.”  From  21  to  31  July  he  gave 
the  course  “Comparative  Folklore:  Ukrainian 
Dumy ” at  the  Ukrainian  Free  University  in 


In  July  1986,  Ms.  Kohut  was 
appointed  CIUS  Departmental-Executive 
Secretary.  Since  1980  Ms.  Kohut  has  been 
employed  at  CIUS  as  Administrative  Clerk.  In 
her  new  position  she  will  be  responsible  for 
centralizing  and  co-ordinating  all 
administrative  aspects  of  CIUS  work.  Ms. 
Kohut  holds  a B.A.  from  the  University  of 
Alberta  and  studied  library  science  at  the 
University  of  Toronto. 


Dr.  Krawchenko’s  recent  publications 
include:  “La  Renaissance  nationale  et  la 
classe  laborieuse  en  Ukraine  durant  les 
annees  1920,”  in  La  Renaissance  nationale 
et  culture! les  en  Ukraine  de  1917  aux 
annees  1930 , ed.  E.  Kruba  and  A.  Joukovsky 
(Paris-Munich-Edmonton,  1986),  283-310; 
“Zmiany  w strukturze  klasy  robitniczej  na 
Ukrainie,  1897-1970,”  Suchasnist  (special 
Polish-language  issue),  no.  1-2  (1985): 
259-78.  In  June  1986,  he  gave  a paper  on 
“Class  Structure  and  the  National  Question 
in  Ukraine,”  at  a conference  on 
“Contemporary  Ukraine;  Selected  Topics” 
held  at  the  University  of  Illinois  at 

Urbana-Champaign.  In  March  1986,  he 
delivered  a seminar  on  “Class  Structure  and 
the  National  Question  in  Ukraine,” 
Department  of  Modern  Languages  and 
Literatures,  University  of  Ottawa.  Also  in 
March,  he  gave  a lecture  on  “Social  Change 
and  National  Consciousness  in  Ukraine,”  at 
Concordia  University,  Montreal.  He  spoke 
on  Ukraine  during  the  Second  World  War  at 
a seminar  on  the  “Deschenes  Commission” 
organized  by  the  Edmonton  branch  of  the 
Ukrainian  Civil  Liberties  Commission  in  April 
1986.  In  July  1986  he  gave  a lecture  on 
“The  Social  Structure  of  Ukraine  Today,” 
organized  by  the  Federation  of  Ukrainians  in 
Great  Britain,  London.  At  the  June  1986 
annual  meeting  of  the  Canadian  Association 
of  Slavists,  Dr.  Krawchenko  was  elected 
Secretary-Treasurer.  He  was  also  appointed 
a member  of  the  Advisory  Council,  Ukrainian 
Cultural  Heritage  Village,  Historic  Sites, 
Alberta  Culture  and  has  joined  the  executive 
of  Alberta  Parents  for  Ukrainian  Education  in 
the  capacity  of  advisor.  In  May  1986,  he 
appeared  as  a witness  before  the  Standing 
Committee  on  Multiculturaiism,  House  of 
Commons  and  has  been  reappointed  to  the 
Canadian  Ethnic  Studies  Advisory 
Committee,  Multiculturaiism  Sector, 
Secretary  of  State. 


In  July  1986,  Sofia  Lazar  was 
appointed  Clerk  Steno  at  CIUS.  Mrs.  Lazar 
holds  a Diploma  in  biology  from  the 
Pedagogical  Institute,  Teraspol,  Moldavian 
SSR,  and  a Diploma  in  agronomy  from  the 
Agricultural  Institute  in  Kishinev.  Before 
emigrating  to  Canada  she  taught  biology  in  a 
secondary  school  in  Mohyliv-Podilsky, 
Vinnytsia  oblast,  Ukraine. 



Dr.  Marples  recently  published 
Chernobyl  and  Nuclear  Power  in  the  USSR, 
one  of  the  first  English-language 
monographs  on  Soviet  nuclear  energy  policy 
in  the  1980s,  which  includes  a detailed 
account  of  the  Chernobyl  (Chornobyl) 
disaster,  based  primarily  on  extensive 
Soviet  source  materials.  The  book  is  a joint 
publication  of  the  Macmillan  Press  (London), 
St.  Martin’s  Press  (New  York)  and  CIUS. 

Dr.  Marples’  recent  articles  include 
“Soviet  Steel:  the  Ukrainian  Dilemma,” 

Soviet  Analyst,  vol.  15,  no.  8(16  April 
1986)  and  no.  9 (30  April  1986); 

“Chernobyl  in  Ukraine’s  Nuclear  Energy 
Programme,”  Soviet  Nationality  Survey, 
vol.  3,  no.  4-5  (April-May  1986);  “Ukrainian 
Nuclear  Power  Hard  Hit,”  Soviet  Analyst, 
vol.  15,  no.  10(14  May  1986);  “Soviet 
Perspectives  on  Ukrainian  Nationalism 
During  World  War  II,”  Austral ian-Ukrainian 
Review,  vol.  5,  no.  2 (Winter  1986);  “Die 
Katastrophe  von  Cernobyl’.  Wie  sicher  sind 
die  Atomkraftwerke  in  der  Ukraine?” 
Osteuropa  info  (Autumn  1986);  “Chernobyl: 
Background  of  Labour  Troubles,”  Soviet 
Analyst,  vol.  15,  no.  17  (27  August  1986); 
and  a review  of  Graham  Ross,  ed.,  The 
Foreign  Office  and  the  Kremlin:  British 
Documents  on  Anglo-Soviet  Relations 
1941-45  (Cambridge,  1984)  in  Journal  of 
Ukrainian  Studies  19  (Winter  1985). 

In  June  1986,  Dr.  Marples  presented  a 
paper  on  “Crisis  in  Soviet  Industry?  An 
Examination  of  the  Soviet  Steel  Industry  in 
the  1980s,”  at  the  annua!  conference  of  the 
Canadian  Association  of  Slavists  at  the 
University  of  Manitoba.  The  paper  is  being 
published  in  the  December  1986  issue  of 
Canadian  Slavonic  Papers.  Also  in  June,  he 
gave  a paper  on  “Working  Conditions  at 
Ukraine’s  Nuclear  Power  Plants”  at  a 
conference  on  Contemporary  Ukraine,  at 

the  University  of  Illinois  at 

Following  the  Chernobyl  disaster.  Dr. 
Marples  was  interviewed  widely  on  North 
American  television  and  radio  stations, 
including  CBS  and  ABC  (New  York  City)  and 
CBC  (Edmonton).  He  spoke  at  press 
conferences  in  New  York  and  Montreal.  He 
published  articles  about  Chernobyl  in  the  Los 
Angeles  Times  (2  May),  the  Globe  and  Mail 
(22  May),  the  Edmonton  Journal  (29  April 
and  27  August),  the  Ukrainian  Weekly 
(including  a five-part  series  on  Chernobyl) 
and  the  Ukrainian  News.  Dr.  Marples  was 
also  guest  speaker  at  the  annual  meetings  of 
the  SUSK  Congress  in  Alberta  (23  August), 
and  the  Ukrainian  Teachers’  Association  of 
Northern  Alberta  (16  October). 


Since  1 August  1985,  Orest 
Martynowych  and  David  Lupul,  research 
associates  at  CIUS,  have  been  working  on 
the  first  part  of  a two-volume  interpretative 
history  of  Ukrainians  in  Canada. 

The  first  volume,  tentatively  scheduled 
for  completion  in  1988,  will  cover  the  initial 
phase  of  Ukrainian  immigration  and 
settlement  (1891-1923).  It  will  depart  from 
existing  accounts  in  three  respects.  First, 
the  continuity  between  old  country 
Radicalism  and  the  political,  educational  and 
religious  programme  of  the  immigrant  elite 
(the  intelligentsia)  in  Canada  will  be  brought 
into  focus.  Second,  an  attempt  will  be  made 
to  organize  the  Ukrainian  immigrant 
experience  in  Canada  “from  below”: 
attention  will  be  paid  to  the  experiences  of 
rural  homesteaders  and  urban  labourers,  to 
the  formation  and  proliferation  of  local 
religious,  economic,  cultural  and  political 
institutions,  to  the  development  of  Ukrainian 


ethnic  consciousness  in  Canada  as  well  as  to 
socio-economic  and  class  differentiation 
among  the  immigrants.  Finally,  the  Ukrainian 
experience  in  Canada  will  be  placed  firmly 
within  the  context  of  Canadian  history  as 
well  as  the  history  of  immigrants  and 

A large  number  of  previously  untapped 
sources  have  been  used  in  the  preparation 
of  the  first  volume:  census  data  on 
agriculture;  the  Labour  Gazette ; rural  and 
urban  directories;  business  directories; 
urban  housing  reports;  parish  records; 
criminal  case  files;  and  published  and 
unpublished  memoirs  written  by  immigrants. 
The  immigrant  press  has  also  proved  to  be  a 
very  fertile  source  of  information.  Several 
thousand  items  of  correspondence  (dopysy) 
from  rural  colonies,  mining  camps  and  urban 
centres  published  in  Svoboda,  Ukrainskyi 
ho/os,  Kanadyiskyi  farmer,  Chervonyi 
prapor,  Robochyi  narod , Ukrainski 
robitnychi  visti  and  Kanadyiskyi 
rusyn  I ukrai nets  primarily  between  1905 
and  1922  have  been  read  and  analyzed.  In 
addition  to  constituting  a running  narrative 
of  events  in  many  communities  all  over 
Canada,  the  dopysy  provide  fascinating 
glimpses  of  the  day-to-day  concerns, 
triumphs  and  tragedies  of  Ukrainian 
immigrant  life. 

Archival  sources  have  also  been 
consulted  extensively.  Government  records 
pertaining  to  Ukrainians  in  Canada  and 
unpublished  manuscript  collections  have 
been  examined  at  the  Public  Archives  of 
Canada,  as  well  as  at  provincial  and  private 
archives  in  Ontario,  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan 
and  Alberta. 

Orest  Martynowych  studied  History  at 
the  University  of  Manitoba  (B.A.  Hon.,  M.A.) 
and  the  University  of  Toronto.  He  recently 
published  The  Ukrainian  Bloc  Settlement  in 
East  Central  Alberta,  1 890-1 930 : A 

History  (Edmonton:  Alberta  Culture,  1985). 

David  Lupul  holds  a B.A.  in  history 
from  the  University  of  Alberta.  He  has 
recently  edited  and  contributed  an 
introduction  to  the  English-language 
translation  of  Julian  Stechishin’s  A History 
of  Ukrainian  Settlement  in  Canada 
(Edmonton:  Ukrainian  Self-Reliance  League 
of  Canada.  1986). 


Valentyn  Moroz  Jr.  has  been  appointed 
a CIUS  graduate  research  assistant  for 
1986-7.  Born  in  Ukraine  in  1962,  Mr. 
Moroz  received  a B.A.  in  political  science 
from  Loyola  University  of  Chicago  in  1985. 
He  is  currently  enrolled  in  an  M.A. 
programme  in  Ukrainian  folklore  in  the 
Department  of  Slavic  and  East  European 
Studies,  University  of  Alberta.  The  research 
assistantship  was  made  possible  in  part 
through  funds  provided  by  the  university’s 
Faculty  of  Graduate  Studies  and  Research. 


Mr.  Yurkevich  presented  a paper  on 
“Nationalist  Concepts  of  the  State”  at  the 
conference  of  the  Canadian  Association  of 
Slavists  in  Winnipeg  in  June  1986,  and  a 
paper  on  “Dmytro  Doroshenko  as  a 
Historian  of  German-Ukrainian  Relations”  at 
the  ClUS-sponsored  conference  on 
German-Ukrainian  relations  held  in  Garmisch, 
West  Germany,  on  13-16  October  1986. 



New  Acquisitions 

Atlas  gwar  boj  kowskich,  t.  6,  czfsc  1 . 
Wroclaw,  1986. 

Bezpechny,  I.  Teoriia  / iteratury.  Toronto, 


D^bkowski,  T.  U krai hsk i ruch  narodowy  w 
Ga/icji  Wschodniej , 1912-1923. 
Warsaw,  1985. 

Haack  Atlas  zur  Zeitgeschichte.  Gotha, 


lavorsky,  M.l.  Korotka  istoriia  Ukrai  ny. 
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Kozlov,  G.A.,  and  S.P.  Pervushin.  Kratkii 
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Kratkaia  entsi kioped i ia  domashnego 

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Tymofii,  Protoiierei.  Unii  v istorii 
vseienskoho  pravosiavia  ta 
Rusy-Ukrai ny . Winnipeg  and  Bound 
Brook,  1985. 

Theses  Acquired 

Cipko,  Serge.  “The  Legacy  of  the  Brazilian 
Fever:  An  Introduction  to  the  Ukrainian 
Immigration  into  (and  its  Evolution  in) 
Brazil  and  Argentina,  1 890s- 1 980s.” 
M.A.,  Liverpool,  1985. 

Koko,  Eugeniusz.  “PPS  wobec  kwestii 
ukrainskiej  w latach  1918-1925.” 
Ph.D.,  Gdansk,  1985. 

Tkacz,  Virlana.  “Les  Kurbas  and  the  Creation 
of  a Ukrainian  Avant-Garde  Theatre: 

The  Early  Years.”  M.F.A.,  Columbia, 


Fugitive  File 

The  CIUS  fugitive  file,  a collection  of 
unpublished  papers,  lectures  and  other 
materials  written  by  professors,  graduate 
students  or  undergraduate  students,  is 
located  in  352C  Athabasca  Hall,  University 
of  Alberta.  Recent  contributions  to  the 
fugitive  file  include: 

Bociurkiw,  Bohdan  R.  “The  Politics  of 
Religion  in  Ukraine:  The  Orthodox 
Church  and  the  Ukrainian  Revolution.” 
Colloquium  paper,  Kennan  Institute  for 
Advanced  Russian  Studies,  Washington, 
D.C.,  19  September  1985. 

Mackiw,  Theodor.  “Der  Friedensvertrag  von 
Zboriv  in  der  deutschen  Presse  von 

CIUS  regrets  that  it  is  no  longer  able  to 
provide  photocopies  of  papers  in  the 
fugitive  file.  Interested  readers  can  consult 
the  papers  in  the  CIUS  reference  library  or 
contact  the  author  directly  for  a copy  of 
the  work. 




At  long  last  the  whole  story  of 
what  has  been  called  "the  worst 
human  disaster  in  living  memory" 
has  been  told. 


"Anyone  who  has  had  difficulty 
understanding  Ukrainian  nation- 
alism will  find  an  explanation 
here."  The  Observer,  London 

Soviet  Collectivization  and  the  Terror-Famine 

$24.95  doth 

Robert  Conquest 

Order  from : 

The  University  of  Alberta  Press 

141  Athabasca  Hall 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 

Chernobyl  and  Nuclear 
Power  in  the  USSR 

David  R.  Marples 

Analyzes  the  April  1986  nuclear  accident  at  the  Chernobyl  plant 
in  the  context  of  the  development  of  nuclear  power  in  the  USSR 
and  Eastern  Europe.  Examines  the  nature  and  consequences  of 
the  disaster  and  comments  on  the  economic  and  political  reper- 
cussions of  the  event  for  Soviet  society. 

This  edition  available  in  Canada  only. 

xii,  256pp,  cloth  $19.95,  paper  $14.95 

ISBN  920862-48-9  (cloth),  920862-50-0  (paper) 

Order  from  the  University  of  Toronto  Press,  5201  Dufferin  Street, 
Downsview,  Ontario  M3H  5T8 

Published  by  the  Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies  in  association  with  the 
Macmillan  Press,  London. 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian 

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OflepxaHO  nocMepTHi  flapki  3 

y mo3HaBCTBo  Ha  HayKOBiki  KOHCpepeHLiii  KAC  1986  p.  4 

M.  Jlyny/i  Ha  CTyfliWHiM  BiflnycTLji  6 

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yniBepcMTeri  7 

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"WypHan  yKpaiH03HaBMnx  cTyfliki"  nepeHeceHO  flo 
EflMOHTOHy  8 

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npoeKT  "EHMMKJioneflii  YKpaiHM”  10 

npncyfl>KeHO  CTkineHfli'i  Ha  1986-7  p.  13 

JliTHi  npoeKTM  KIYC  14 

HoBe  b MeTOflMHHOMy  Ka6iHeTi  yKpamcbKO'i  mobm  14 

CeMiHapM  KIYC  1986-7  p.  14 

nicjiaflOKTopcbKa  CTMneHflia  Ha  1986-7  p.  15 

AcnipaHTM  A/ib6epTCbKoro  yHiBepcmeTy  16 

CTOJliTHiM  iCTOpHMHMM  npOGKT  OflepxaB  flOTaMilO  16 

AcnipaHTH-yKpamicTM  Anb6epTCbKoro  yHiBepcmeTy  16 


XpMCTMHa  KoryT  19 

BorflaH  KpaBMeHKO  19 

Cocp)i^  Jla3ap  20 

AeBifl  Mapnji3  20 

Oped  MapTMHOBHM  i flaBMfl  flynyn  21 

BaneHTMH  Mopo3  22 

iBaH-naB/io  XMMKa  22 

MnpocnaB  KDpKeBMM  23 



flepioflMMHe  BMflaHHa  KaHaflCbKoro 

iHCTMTyTy  yKpa  IHCbKMX  CTyflMM 

Canadian  Institute 

Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
The  University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada.  T6G  2E8 

PeflaKLiima  KOJieria: 
fleBifl  Mapnn3  (peflaKTop) 

AHflpiM  ropHFUKeBMM  (nepeK/ia#) 
XpMCTMHa  KoryT 
Cocfrm  J1a3ap 
Fleipo  MaTi^aPiHeH 

riepeflpyK  ycix  MaTepmniB  ,qo3BOJieHMM  3a 
noflaHH^M  .qxepejia. 

ISSN  0702  - 8474 






352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta 
T6G  2E8 

Tel.  (403)  432-2972 

New  from  the  Canadian  Institute  of 
Ukrainian  Studies 

Ukraine  during  World  War  II: 
History  and  its  aftermath. 

A symposium. 

Edited  by  Yury  Boshyk 

Discusses  the  Nazi  and  Soviet  occupa- 
tions of  Ukrainian  territory;  Jewish- 
Ukrainian  relations;  Ukrainian  participa- 
tion in  German  armed  forces. 

291pp.,  cloth  $19.95,  paper  $9.95. 

ISBN  920862-37-3  (cloth),  920862-36-5 

Famine  in  Ukraine 

Edited  by  Roman  Serbyn  and 
Bohdan  Krawchenko 

Selected  essays  from  a 1983  conference 
in  Montreal  discuss  the  origins  and 
nature  of  the  1932-33  man-made  famine 
in  Ukraine. 

192pp.,  cloth  $19.95. 

ISBN  920862-43-8. 

Political  Thought  of  the 
Ukrainian  Underground, 

Edited  by  Peter  J.  Potichnyj  and 
Yevhen  Shtendera 

A collection  of  political  writings  by 
publicists  of  the  Ukrainian  Insurgent  Ar- 
my. Discusses  imperialism  in  Ukraine; 
ideology;  strategy  and  tactics;  and  pro- 
grammatic documents  and  appeals. 

xxvii,  406  pp.,  cloth  $24.95. 

ISBN  920862-45-4. 

The  above  books  may  be  ordered  from 
the  University  of  Toronto  Press,  Distribu- 
tion Department,  5201  Dufferin  Street, 
Downsview,  Ontario  M3H  5T8. 


" Chernobyl  and  Nuclear  Power  in  the 

npki  KiHLii  1986  p.  KIYC  BMflaB  npaL|io 
fleBifla  Mapnn3a  n.3.  "Chernobyl  and 
Nuclear  Power  in  the  USSR".  Y qiPi  npai^i, 
HankicaHiM  3apa3  nicns  26  KBiTHs,  ko/im 
CTanacs  KaTacTpo0a  Ha  HopHo6n/ibCbKiM 
AEC  b YKpa'iHi,  aBTop  HaMaraeTbca 
po3rjiflHyTM  qe  HemacT*  Ha  r/ii  po3BMTKy 
eHepreTMKM  b PaflSHCbKOMy  CoK>3i.  Abtop 
yBaxae,  mo  xom  paflsHCbKi  mmhhmkm 
nOfla/IM  p^fl  KOHKpeTHMX  npMMMH 
KaTacTpocf)M,  B>xe  Bifl  npMHaMMHi  flec^TM 
poKiB  icHytoTb  noBaxcHi  npo6neMM  i 3 
po6iTHML4TBOM,  i 3 KOHTponetO  SKOCTM  Ha 
AEC  b YKpa'iHi.  l_Vi  npo6neMM  CTanM  me 
noBaxHimMM  HacniflKOM  nporpaMM 
LUBMflKoro  po3BMTKy  b 1980-mx  pp.  Ta 

KHMXKa  Mac  ciM  po3fliniB: 

HopHo6njibCbKHM  fleHHMK  — po3rnsflae 
pafliRHCbKi  npecoBi  noBiflOMneHH*  3a  nepiui 
flBa  TkDKHi  nicnn  HemacTs;  EHepreTMMHa 
nojiiTMKa  Pafl^HCbKoro  CoK)3y;  Po3bmtok 
sflepHo'i  eHepri'i  b CxiflHiM  Esponi; 
Po3bmtok  aTOMHO'i  eHepreTMKM  b CPCP  y 
1980-mx  pp.  i fleianbHa  aHani3a  npai_|i 
koxhoi  AEC  b YKpa'iHi;  PlMTaHH*  6e3neKM 
m 6y,qiBHkiL4TBa;  fleTanbHMM  onnc 
MopHo6n^bCbKoro  HemacTa;  HacniflKM 
KaTaCTpO0H,  B T.  M.  MMUjaHH?!,  noniTMMHi 
Ta  rocnoflapcbKi  HacniflKM.  Abtop 
yBaxae,  mo  He  SBaxatOMM  na  m^picTb 
PaflflHCbKoro  flepxaBHoro  KOMiTeTy 

BMKopMCTaHHa  aTOMHoi  eHepri'i  Ha 
BifleHCbKkix  Hapaflax  MixHapoflHoro 
areHTCTBa  aTOMHoi  eHepri'i,  ne  MOXHa 
npMnoBi^bHeHHSR  aTOMHoi  nporpaMM  b 
CPCP.  KHM>KKa  Mae  flOflaTKM  m noKa3HMK 
i TT  BMflaHO  Ha  cninKy  3 BMflaBHMuiTBaMM 
MaKMinnaH  y JloHflOHi  Ta  CeHT-MapTiH3  y 
Hb»o-MopKy.  BMflaHHA  KIYC,  mo  Mae  256 
c.,  MO>KHa  HabyTM  TinbKM  b KaHafli  3a 
19,95  flon.  (TBepfla  onpaBa)  mm  14,95  40/1. 
(M'?iKa  onpaBa)  ISBN  920862-48-9  Ta 

" Famine  in  Ukraine  1932-1933" 

B jiMCTonafli  1986  p.  noaBMJiMca 
BM6paHi  flonoBifli,  9\k\  BiflMMTaHO  1983  p. 

Ha  MOHpeanbCbKiM  KOHC^epeHLii'i  npo 
BenMKMM  ronofl,  n.  3.  "Famine  1932-1933 
in  Ukraine".  riopyM  khm>kkm  fl-pa  PoOepTa 
KaHKBecTa  "Harvest  of  Sorrow" 
(EflMOHTOH,  BMfl-BO  Anb6epTCbKoro 
yHiBepcMTeTy,  1986),  14 n npai4<R  — oflHa  3 
HeMMC/ieHHMX  MOHorpa0iMHMX  CTyfliPi,  mo 

noflBMnac*  Ha  l\\o  TeMy.  Y HiM 
HaflpyKOBaHO  TaKi  CTaTTi-  flx.  E.  Mei/ic, 
"UiTyMHMM  ronofl  1933  p.  b YKpa'iHi";  B. 
KpaBMeHKO,  "UiTyMHMM  ronofl  1932-3  pp.  i 
KoneKTMBi3ai4i?i  b PaflaHCbKiM  YKpa'iHi";  M. 
MaKcyflOB,  "fleMorpacfim  yKpamcbKMX 
BTpaT  b pp.  1927-38",  flx.  E.  Mertc, 
"OrnsRfl  flxcepen  ronofly  1933  p.";  M. 
LlapMHHMK,  "Lflo6  BicTKM  MO>KHa  6yno 
A pyKyBaTM.  BonTep  flypaHTi,  'HbK)-MopK 
TaMM3'  Ta  Be/iMKMM  ronofl  1933  p.";  A. 
Jli6iK,  "PociPiCbKi  MeniuoBMKM  Ta  BenMKMM 
ronofl  1933  p.";  M.  IflapMHHMK,  "3aKpMBaTM 
OMi  Ha  b6mbctbo.  BpiTaHm,  CUiA  i 
BenMKMM  ronofl  1933  p.";  B.  Ica'iB,  "BnnMB 
niTyMHoro  ronofly  Ha  CTpyKTypy 
yKpa'iHCbKoro  cycninbOTBa";  P.  CepdMH, 
Tonofl  1921-2  pp.  — B3ipei_ib  p,nx 
1932-3  pp.?";  O.  Hok  Ta  K.  kioHacoH, 
"Po3yMiHH5?  renoMMfly  m eTHoqMfly". 


npai4K0  pe,qaryBa/iM  PoMaH  Cep6MH 
Ta  Borman  KpaenenKO  i eona  Mae  192  c. 
LJiHa  khm)kkm  b TBepfliM  onpaBi  19,95  flo/i., 
ISBN  920862-43-8. 

"Political  Thought  of  the  Ukrainian 

Flifl  KiHeMb  1986  p.  KIYC  BMflaB 
KHMXKy  "Political  Thought  of  the  Ukrainian 
Underground"  3a  peflaKqieK)  rieipa 
noTiMHoro  Ta  CBreHa  UJieHflepM. 

BopoTb6a  yKpaiHCbKO'i  noBCTaHCbKOi 
apMi'i  (ynA)  npoTM  Hai_iMCTiBCbKo’i  Ta 
paflHHCbKO'i  OKynaLiii  y Kpa ihm  TpMBa/ia 
MaPixe  flecs^Tb  poKiB  i cboim  posMipoM 
flopiBHKDBajia  HaM6inbiuMM  eBponeMCbKMM 
pyxaM  cnpoTMBy.  Ane  u\o  Tm  He  Bflanoca 
sflodyTM  He3a/ie>KHoT  flepxaBM,  3axifl 
Mano  3Hac  npo  yKpamcbKMM  pe3MCTaHC. 
HaTOMicTb  y CPCP  flo6pe  po3yMiK)Tb  TT 

3HaMeHHFI,  114,0  BMflHO  3 6e3ynMHH0'i 
nponaraHflu  npoTM  yKpamcbKoro 
Hai4ioHa^i3My  Ta  HMCJieHHMX  cTpaT 
BeTepaHiB  YllA,  SKi  Bifl6yBaK)TbC?i  ax  flo 
1980-mx  pp. 

y MbOMy  406-CTopiHKOBOMy  TOMi 
Bnepme  no-aHrjiiPicbKOMy  3i6paHO  6araT0 
aHaniTHMHMX  CTaTTePi  tmx,  040  caMi  6pann 
yMacTb  y qiPi  6opoTb6i.  y hmx  fleTa/ibHO 
po3rn^HeHO  npo6neMM,  3 a kmmm 
sycTpijikica  yKpamcbKi  noBCTaHLih 
iMnepisuiicTMMHi  n/isHM  Ta  noniTMKa 
OKynaHTa,  ifleo/ioriMHi  nMTaHHa  Ta 
c|)opMy^K)BaHH5i  cTpaTeri'i  m TaKTMKM.  Ha 
KiHMi  36ipKM  noflaHO  ciM  nporpaMOBMX 
3aaB.  y KHMXLji  3HaXOflMTbCS  iCTOpklMHMI/l 
BCTyn  i Muc/ieHHi  npMMiTKM.  IT  MOXHa 
Ha6yTH  b TBepfliPi  onpaBi  3a  24,95  flo/i., 
ISBN  920862-45-4. 

" Social  Change  and  National 
Consciousness  in  20th  Century  Ukraine." 

ni3HO  b 1986  p.  KIYC  BMflaB  y m'srkm 
onpaBi  KHMXKy  BorflaHa  KpaBMeHKa 
"Social  Change  and  National 
Consciousness  in  20th  Century  Ukraine". 
BoHa  cnepiuy  nosiBMnaca  b TBepfliM  onpaBi 
y BMflaBHMqTBax  MaKMi^naH  y JloHflOHi  Ta 
CeHT-MapTiH3  y HbK)-MopKy  b 1985  p.  i 
Mac  333  CTopiHKM.  Lje  nepma  cycniribHa 
icTopm  y K.paiHM  B XX  CT.,  B 51KiM 
po3r^a,qaK)TbC?i  Hac/iiflKM  cycni/ibHMX  i 
noniTMMHMX  3MiH  Ha  HaMioHanbHy 
CBiflOMiCTb  yKpaiHCbKMX  po6iTHMKiB,  cen^H, 
iHTejiireHi_|ii  m nojiiTMMHOi  e/iiTM.  L4e 
BMflaHHs  MOXHa  Ha6yTM  TijibKM  b Kanafli 
3a  19,95  flo/i.,  ISBN  0-920862-46-2, 
Mepe3  eKcneflMMiMHMM  Biflfli/i  BMflaBHMLjTBa 
TopoHTCbKoro  yniBepcMTeTy.  SaMOBjieHHSR 
3i  CLUA  Tpeda  cnpaMyBaTM  flo  St.  Martin's 
Press,  175  Fifth  Avenue,  New  York,  N.Y. 
10010,  a 6piTaHCbKi,  eBponePicbKi  Ta 
aBCTpa/iiMCbKi  3aMOBJieHHfl  flo  Macmillan 
Press,  Houndmills,  Basingstoke,  Hampshire 
RG2 1 2XS,  England. 

" Ukraine  during  World  War  II" 

KIYC  nepeflpyKyBaB  "Ukraine  during 
World  War  II:  History  and  Its  Aftermath” 
3a  peflaKi_iicK)  K)pm  BoxMKa.  y LjbOMy 
TOMi  p03rj13flaK)TbC5R  TaKi  TeMM  <rk 

Hai_incTiBCbKa  m pafl^HCbKa  OKynaqi?) 

y KpaiHH,  CBpeMCbKO-yKpaiHCbKi  BiflHOCMHM 

Toro  Macy,  a TaKox  ynacTb  yKpa'iHiflB  y 

HiMeLlbKMX  36POMHMX  CMJiaX  Ta  MHBiflbHiM 
aAMiHicTpaqii.  flepiuMM  HaK/iafl  2 750 
npMMipHMKiB  p03npOflaHO  flO  Ki/lbKOX 
MicsRMiB.  KHMXKy  MOXHa  Ha6yTM  sa  19,95 
flon.  (Teepfla  onpaBa)  a6o  3a  9,95  flo/i. 

(M  flKa  onpaBa).  ISBN  920862-37-3  (tb. 
onp.),  920862-36-5  (m.  onp.) 


" Modern  Ukrainian" 

KIYC  BMflaB  flpymPi  HaKnafl  "Modern 
Ukrainian”,  mm  He  HaPio6wMpHiujoro 
niflpyMHMKa  yKpa'iHCbKOi  mobm,  skmPi 
MO>KHa  flidaTM.  KHMXKa  CKJiaflaeibcs  3 
flBaflM^TM  neKifliPi  i flyx<e  flo6pe 
HaflaeTbcs  flns  LUKiji  Ta  yHieepcMTeTiB. 
BoHa  Mae  438  CTopiHOK  i npoflaeTbcs  b 
m* KiM  onpaei  3a  8.00  flon. 

Yci  BMujenoflaHi  khm>kkm  Moxna  saMOBn?iTM 


University  of  Toronto  Press 
Distribution  Department 
5201  Dufferin  Street 
Downsview,  Ontario 
M3H  5T8 


KIYC  HeflaBHO  BMflaB  MOTMpHaflL|flTMPl 
BMnycK  y cepi'f  flosiflHMKiB  — "YKpa'iHCbKi 
KOMno3MTopM.  Bio-6i6niorpa(f>iMHMPi 
flOBiflHMK ”,  srkmm  HanMcana  Mapm  Amtmhirk. 
y LfliPi  160-CTopiHKoeiM  npaifli  noflaHO 
6iorpacpii  yKpai'HCbKMX  KOMno3MTopiB  fik 
cyMacHMX  TaK  i noKiPiHMX,  mo  xmjim  Ha 
yKpami  m Ha  eMirpapii  i 11  MOWHa  KynMTM 
3a  11,00  flOJl.  B IHCTMTyTi: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian 

352  Athabasca  Hall, 

The  University  of  Alberta, 

Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada 
T6G  2E8 



fl-p  Bara  A6y-Jla6aH, 
aflbK)HKT-BiL|enpe3MfleHT  (flocniflM) 
Anb6epTCbKoro  yHieepcMTeTy,  Ha3HaMMB 
flopaflMy  pafly  KIYC  y TaKOMy  CKnafli: 
fl-p  iBaH-flaBjio  XMMKa  (Biflflin  icTopMMHMX 
HayK  — ronoea),  fl-p  Oner  InbHMiflbKMPi 
(Biflflin  cnoB^HCbKMX  i 
cxiflHboeeponeMCbKMX  flocniflxenb),  fl-p 
MaHoniPi  flynyn  (Biflflin  neflaroriMHMX 
ochob),  AnaH  PyTKOBCbKMPi  (Bi6nioTeKa 
Anb6epTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeiy)  iBaH 
CoKonoBCbKMM  (MinicTepcTBO  oceiTM 
Anb6epTM)  Pi  fl-p  flaHMno  fycap-CxpyK 
(Biflflin  cnoB  ^iHCbKMX  mob  i nirepaiyp 
TopoHTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeiy  Ta  KepyiOMMPi 
peflaKTop  "Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine”). 
SriflHO  3 hobmmm  HanpaMHMMM  pafla 
Mae  "flopafl>KyBaTM  KIYC  y cnpaBax  niHi'i 
noBefliHKM  Ta  nporpaMM  i Moxe 
Ha3HaMysaTM  KOMixeTM  oco6nMBoro 
npM3HaMeHHs,  aKiflo  flMpeKTopoBi  Tpe6a 
flonoMorM  3 KOHKpeTHMMM  npodneMaMM  MM 
npoeKTaMM”.  flMpeKTOP  iHCTMTyTy  fl-p 
Borflan  KpaBMeHKO  Ta  BipenpesMfleHT 
(flocniflM)  a6o  hmm  Ha3H3MeHMPi  3acTyriHMK 
e MneHaMM  paflM  3 MMHy. 


HeflaBHO  KIYC  3 ba^mhIctk)  oflepxae 
flBa  nocMepTHi  flapn:  I3  MaeTKy  noK.  10pm 
fl m6m  3 BaHKyeepy  (BK)  — 30  000  flon., 


a 3 MaeTKy  noK.  KaTepkiHM-Ypcyni 
MicbKOBoT  — 2 000  flon.  3 mux  flapiB 

6yfle  BJiaLLITOBaHMM  0OHfl,  3 BiflCOTKiB 
sKoro  on^aMyBaTMMyTbcs  yKpa'iH03HaBMi 
flOCniflXeHHS  M BMflaHHS. 

fOpii/i  flu 6a,  mo  noMep  y BaHKysepi  2 
ciHHS  1986  p.,  HapoflMBC?)  b raBpnniBi4i  b 
byKOBMHi  1 KBiTHFi  1914  p.  flifl  Mac  flpyroi 
CBiTOBOi  BiMHM  cny>KMB  y pyMyHCbKiM 
apMi'i,  a b 1948  p.  npn6yB  flo  KaHaflM,  fle 
3roflOM  3acHyBaB  6yfliBenbHy  0ipMy  y 
BaHKyBepi.  TopiK  K).  fln6a  BenaBMBes 
naM  STHMKOM  yKpa'l'HCbKMM  i CBpeMCbKMM 
pe>KMMiB,  skmm  BiH  nocTaBMB  y CpycanMMi. 

K).  An6a  6yB  flo6poflieM  6araTbox 
yKpamcbKMX  cnpaB  i b cboim  3anoBiTi  BiH 
meflpo  oOflapyBaB  MMMano  yKpa'iHCbKMX 

riocMepTHi  flapM  nepeflaHO  b Biopo 
0OHfly  po3BMTKy  Anb6epTCbKoro 
yHiBepcMTeTy,  sKe  BHecno  noflaHHs  flo 
npoBiHL|iMHoro  ypsfly  Anb6epTM  3a 
oflHaKOBy  cyMy  3 OoHfly  noxepTB 
3aOXOTM  flnS  BMIflOl  OCBiTM.  LjeM  0OHfl 
B/iatuTOBaHO,  U406  yflinsTM  TaKi 
"flOpiBHK)K)Mi  flaTKM”.  TaKMM  MMHOM  3 l_|MX 

flapiB  6yfle  0oha  Ha  cyMy  96  000  flon., 
skmm  ynpaBnsTMMe  KIYC. 


lilopiMHa  KOH(|)epeHLim  KaHaflCbKoT 
acoLiiaqii  cnaBicTiB  (KAC)  Biflbynacs  ifl.p. 
Bifl  7 ,qo  9 MepBHs  Ha  flBopi 
MaHiTo6cbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy.  flifl  Mac 
KOH0epeHLfll  BiflMMTaHO  TaKi 
yKpai'H03HaBMi  flonoBifli: 

MopepHa  yKpaiHCbKa  nireparypa 
"Po3cyfl^MBicTb  i HepaLflOHa/ibHe  b 
'3anncKax  KMpnaToro  Me0icTo0ens'  B. 
BMHHMMeHKa"  P.  BarpiM-niKyjiMK 
(PlopKCbKMM  yH-T) 

"rioMaTKM  eKcnpecioHi3My  b yKpaiHCbKii/i 
niTepaTypi”  r.  MyxMHa  (Anb6epTCbKMi/i 

Ta/iMLibKi  e/ieMeHTM  b TBopax  BpyHa 
Wy/ibLja"  B.  ByflypoBMM  (TopoHTCbKMM 

"iBaH  cppaHKO  i Monofla  My3a”  M. 
TopOaHb-LlapMHHkiK  (Topohto) 

nojiiTM'-iHa  Teopi*  b YKpaiHi 
"HaMioHa/iicTMMHa  Teopis  flep^aBM"  M. 
fOpKeBMM  (Ajlb6epTCbKMM  yH-T) 
'TocnoflapcbKi  nporpaMM  yKpa'iHCbKoro 
HaL|ioHa^bHoro  KOMyHi3My  b 1920-mx  pp." 

B.  COMMMHCbKMM  (rne3roBCbKMi/i  yH~ t) 
yKpa'iHCbKOi  nojiiTMMHO'f  flyMKki"  C. 

"TeopeTMMHi  no6yflOBM  y posBMTKy 
paflaHCbKO'i  HaMioHa/ibHoi  noniTMKM.  Pons 
y KpaTHki”  P.  ConbMaHMK  (Paflio  CBo6ofla) 

PodiTHMlji  Pi  LlJKi flbHMpTBO  33X1  fiHbOi 
KaHaflM.  ftocBip  yKpai'HpiB 
"iHTepB'lO  3 yKpaiHCbKMMM  yMHSMM  M 
yMMTensMM  b 1904-40  pp.”  H. 
MaK-floHanfl  (MaHiToOcbKMM  yH-T) 

"OcBiTa  yKpaiHCbKkix  fliTert  3 nornsfly 
iMirpaHTiB”  C.  Tpmhhdk  (MaHiTo6cbKHM 

"y KpaiHKM  Pi  ny6niMHa  ocBiTa”  O.  CBMpina 
(Anb6epTCbKkiM  yH-T) 

”B3ipL4i  yKpa’iHCbKoro  Haronocy”  A. 
r 0PHSTK6BMM  (AnbOepTCbKMM  yH_ T) 

MeHOHiTM  H yKpaiHpi.  V pBOcroniTTz 
noceneHHz  MeHOHiriB  b YKpa'iHi 
"CTaBneHHs  pocisH  cynpoTM  MeHOHiTiB 
KonoHicTiB  y 1789-1850  pp.”  K.  A. 
flariMenb  (3axiflHb00HTapiPiCbKMM  yH-T) 


"MeHOHiTM  b YKpaiHi  b 1789-1943  pp.”  V. 
K.  Enn  (BiHHinercbKMM  yh-t) 

YKpaiHCbKa  cna/muHa 

"npeflCTaBjieHHq  yKpa'iHifliB  y KanaflCbKMX 

npoTecTaHTCbKnx  BMflaHHax  b 1900-25 
pp.”  B.  OneH^ep  (LleHTp  yKpaiHCbKMX 
KaHaflCbKnx  CTyfliM) 

"PeniriMHi  flpyKM  KMiBCbKoT  MMTpono/ii'i  y 
XVIII  CT.”  P.  CpeHJOK  (CBaTOaHflpi'l'BCbKa 

"ApxnenMCKon  Aflensip  JlsiHXBeH  Ta 
yKpaiHi_;i  b 1897-1913  pp.”  B.  Cet-myK 
(L4eHTp  yKpaiHCbKMX  KaHaflCbKMX  CTyfliM) 
"IleTpo  Mom/ia  M 3anopi3bKi  ko33km”  O. 
Bapan  (MaHiTo6cbKMM  yh-t) 

"yKpaiHCbKi  iMirpaHTM  b KaHafli  y Tonoci 
3eMni'  O.  iBaxa  Ta  CMHax  3eM/ii'  I. 
KMpiflKa”  O.  FlaBjioBCbKa  (L|eHTp 
yKpaiHCbKMX  KaHaflCbKMX  CTyfliM) 

1903-33  pp.”  n.  3ajiyi4bKMM  (UeHTp 

yKpaiHCbKMX  KaHaflCbKMX  CTyfliM) 

YKpaiHpi  b KaHapi  flo  nepmoi  cb'itobo i 


"CTepeoTMnyBaHH?!  kopohoio.  YpaflOBi 
norn^flM  Ha  yKpaiHCbKMX  iMirpaHTiB  b 
3axiflHiM  KaHafli  b 1892-1900  pp.”  flxc. 

Jlep  (BiHHinercbKMM  yh-t) 

"YKpaiHCbKMM  coi^i^jiicTMMHMM  pyx  y 
KaHafli  flo  1918  p.”  OpecT  MapTMHOBMM 
(Ajib6epTCbKMM  yH-T) 

nHenpMa3Hi  KOHKypeHTM.  CBpe'i,  yKpaiHqi 
Ta  MicbKi  noniTMKM  y n'?mM  siHHinercbKiM 
BM6opMiM  OKpy3i  b 1911-14  pp.”  F. 
TpaxTeH6epr  (IcTopMMHi  naMSTHMKM 

yKpaiHCbKa  nireparypa 

"Bipmi  M jiK)6oBHi  jimctm  reTbMaHa  iBaHa 

Ma3enM”  9.  CnaByTMM  (A;ib6epTCbKMM 


"YKpa'iHCbKi  nepeKJiaflM  BipmiB  Flon* 
Banepi”  O.  SycBCbKMM  (Ajib6epTCbKMM 

"MoTMB  'BaTbKiBlflMHM'  B HbK)-MopKCbKiM 

rpyni  noeTiB”  R BacMniOK  (MaHiToOcbKMM 

yKpa'iHCbKe  LueKcni piBCbKe  TOBapucTBO 
"TpMflMHTi  pokobmhm  YLL1T.  CnoraflM”  PI. 
PyflHML4bKMM  (MoHpea/ib) 

"TenpMX  IV'  b yKpamcbKOMy  nepeK/iafli 
I.  OcbMaMKM”  B.  >KM/ia  (TeKcacbKa 

"UJeKcnipiBCbKi  cohctm  b yKpamcbKiM 
jiiTepaTypi”  fl.  HonMK  (KDTacbKMM  yH-T) 

C/iob' xHCbKi  6i6ni0TeHHi  tfioHflM  y 

"CB5iToaHflpiiBCbKa  KOJieri?i”  P.  Mopo3 

(CBFiToaHflpi'iBCbKa  Ko/ierm) 

"OcepeflOK  yKpa'iHCbKo'i  KyjibTypM  M 
ocBiTM”  T.  XoMeHKO  (OcepeflOK) 
"Bi6nioTeKa  M apxiB  YBAH”  JX  HerpMM 
(MaHiTo6cbKMM  yh-t) 

"Bi6nioTeKa  iM.  I.  OpaHKa”  A.  BijieiflbKMM 

C/iob' XHCbKe  MKicrepTBO  u apxireKrypa 
b KaHafli 

"B.  KypM^MK  — 6araTOKynbTypHMM 
MMCTeiflb”  A.  ApHO/Ifl 
"BaHi,  flSBiHHMifli  M Kyno/iM.  Po3bmtok 
(MaHiTo6cbKMM  yh-t) 

SiCniorpa&iHHi  neper/inflKi  ki  npoeKTKi 
"KpmtmhhmM  ornafl  yKpaiHCbKMX 
eHMMK^onefliM”  B.  BepMra  (TopOHTCbKMM 

"flepeKnaflHa  niTepaTypa”  O.  n*cei4bKa 

"npoeKT  YKpaiHCbKO-KaHaflCbKOl 
niTepaTypM  M 0o/iKjibopy”  I.  MyxMH 
(MaHiTo6cbKMM  yH-T) 


m.  Jiynyn  ha  CTyflMHM  Biflnycnii 

fl-p.  MaHoniM  Jiynyn,  flMpeKTop  KIYC  Bifl 
1976  flo  1986  p.,  caMe  Ha  oflHopiMHiM 
CTyfliMHiPi  BiflnycTMi.  Y eepecHi  1987  p.  BiH 
noBepiaeTbCE  flo  Biflfliny  neflaroriHHMX 
ochob  Ajib6epTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy,  fle 
BiH  BkiKnaflae  po3bmtok  ocbItm  b KaHafli  3 

OKpSMMM  y3r/l?)flHeHH?!M 

6araTOKyjibTypHOCTM  Ta  ocbItm  MenuiMH  y 
3axiflHiki  KaHafli.  Moro  Ha3HaMeHO  >-meHOM 
flopaflMO'i  paflM  KIYC. 



Ilifl  npoBOflOM  fl-pa  PoMaHa 

rieTpmUMHa  p03n0MaT0  HQBaTOpCbKMM 
6araTOKy/ibTypHMki  npoGKT  y 
TpoMaflCbKOMy  KOJieflxi  iM.  fpaHTa 
MaK-K)BaHa  (rKfM)  b EflMOHTOHi 
(A^b6epia).  LfeM  oflHopiMHMM  npoGKT 
cnpM^HHS  Hanp^MHMM  i nporpaMaM 
6araTOKynbTypHOCTM,  nepuiMM  TaKoro 
pofly  b KaHafli,  po3no<-iaTo  b MepBHi  1986 
p.  fl-p  fleipmukiH,  flopaflHMK  y cnpaBax 
6araTOKy^bTypHOCTM  npn  rKfM,  Bxe  Bifl 

flaBHa  LflKaBMTbCS  P03BMTK0M 
6araTOKy/ibTypHOCTM  Ha  rpoMaflCbKOMy 
piBHi.  Bin  KO/iMCb  6yB  floc/iiflHMKOM  KIYC, 
a TOfli  npai^KDBaB  flMpeKTopoM  niBHiMHOi 
OKpyrn  Biflfliny  Ky/ibTypHO'i  cnafliflMHM  b 
MiHidepcTBi  KyjibTypM  A/ib6epTM,  fle  BiH 
KepyBas  nporpaMOK)  flOTaifliM,  ocBiTHboi 
in4)opMai_iiT  Ta  rpoMaflCbKMX  nopafl. 

fl-p  fleipmuMH  opraHi3yBaTMMe 
nepwy  BcenpoBiHifliMHy  niTHK)  inKO/iy 
HapOflHiX  TaHLflB,  Ifl06  TaHl_|K5PMCTM, 
ynpaBme/ii  Ta  flonoMixHi  npaqiBHMKM  Ma/iM 
Harofly  HaBMaTMC x Ha  piBHi  KO/ieflxy.  BiH 
HapoflHoro  MMCTeqTBa  no  qiniM  Ajib6epTi  i 
nponoHyBaTMMe  pi3Hi  3aniKOBi  m HesaniKOBi 
KypcM  eTHOKyjibTypHMM  opraHi3ai_iiaM.  Ilifl 
l|K)  nopy  b oflHOMy  EflMOHTOHi  npaiflioe 
npn6^M3HO  750  eTHOKynbTypHMX 
opraHi3ai_;iM,  3 s kmx  6araTo  3aMMaK)Tbcs 

Y BepecHi  1986  p.  3opraHi30BaHO  npn 
TKfM  KOMiTeT  oco6/iMBoro  npn3HaMeHH?? 
fl/i??  cnpae  6araTOKyjibTypHOCTM,  flo 
FiKoro  Ha^exaTb  fleKaHM  Ta 
npeflCTaBHMKM  BiflfliniB  KO/ieflwy  — 
BMKOHaBCbKi,  3opoBi  m cni/iKyBanbHi 
MMCTeqTBa,  aKafleMiMHi,  ToproBenbHi  Ta 
caniTapHi  cnyxdM,  a TaKoxc  npeflCTaBHMKM 
ypafly  m rpoMaflCbKocTM.  Bohm  MatOTb 


po3r/iaHyTM  flOTenepiwHK)  npaqio  Koneflxy 
m MaM6yTHi  MoxnMBOCTi  3 nornafly 
6araTOKy^biypHOCTM;  bohm  MaK)Tb 
nifliuyKaTM  BiflnoBiflHMX  oci6,  pecypcn  Ta 
3aco6n,  aKi  noTpi6Hi  flns  TaKO'i  npaqi,  a 
TaKO>K  MatOTb  paflMTMC*  3 rpOMaflCbKMMM 
rpynaMM  npo  noipe6n  HaBMaHHa  nicnsi 
cepeflHboi  ocBiTM.  fl-poBi  neTpMWMHy 
flonoMarac  Jlifla  CoMMMHCbKa,  HKa  TaKox< 
KO/iMCb  npai_|iOBana  b KiyC.  Biopo  rKFM 
BMflae  dfOJieieHb  "GMCC  Multicultural 
News"  mo  flBa  MicsRL|i,  b sRKOMy  iHC^opMye 
npo  HOBMHM  B LJMX  flinflHKaX.  3a  fla/lbUJMMM 
flOBiflKaMM  npOCMMO  3BepTaTMC?1  Ha 

Grant  MacEwan  Community  College 

Jasper  Place  Campus 

Box  1796 

Edmonton,  Alberta 

T5J  2P2 

No.  Tenec{)OHa  (403)  483-4424  a6o 


B A^b6epTCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi 
MMTaK)Tbc?i  KypcM  icTopi'i  y Kpa  i hm  nifl  Mac 
aKafleMiMHoro  poKy  y BiBTipKM  Bifl  18  flo 
21  rofl.  lx  MMTae  fl-p  iBaH-flaBno  XMMKa 
Ha  flpyroMy  noBepci  6yflMHKy  Topi  (b  k. 
2-44  a6o  2-58).  3a  neproK)  to  n'sRTb 
KypciB:  CTapoBMHHa  Pi  cepeflHbOBiMna 
yKpa'iHa  (,qo  1350  p.),  yKpa'iHa  b 
paHHbOMOflepHMX  Macax  (1350-1800  pp.), 
yKpa'iHa  b XIX  ct.  (1800-1920  pp.), 
yKpa'iHa  b XX  ct.  (1920  p.  flo  TenepiniHix 
flHie)  Ta  BMbpaHi  tomm  3 icTopi'i  y Kpa  ihm 
(ceMiHap  Ha  oco6nnBy  TeMy,  HKa 
noflaoTbc?i  3a3fla^eriflb;  qboro  ceMecTpy 
BMBMaCTbCiR  iCTOpi*  L4epKBM). 

y 3MMOBOMy  ceMecTpi  1987  p. 
(ciMeHb-KBiTenb)  MMTaTMMeTbca  Kypc  npo 

CTapoBkiHHy  Pi  cepeflHbOBiMHy  yKpamy. 
BMKjiaflM  3 ijiKDCTpaMi^MM  po3r/iaflaTMMyTb 
yKpa'l'Hy  B CTapOBMHi,  nOMaTKM  KM'iBCbKO'i 
PycM,  TT  po3KBiT  i ynaflOK,  MOHronbCbKi 
HanaflM  Ta  po3MneHyBaHHa  yKpa'iHM 
My>KMMki  flepxcaBaMM,  nepeflyciM  Flo/ibineio 
Pi  JImtbokx  OKpeMy  yBary  npMCBsiMycTbCsi 
KyjibTypi  Pi  no6yToei  b cepeflHbOBiMMi  Ta 
npMMHarnO  XpMCTMHHCTBa  B6J1.  KH. 

Bo/ioflMMMpoM  CB?iTocjiaBMMeM  y 988  p. 
BMK/iaflM  Kypcy  TICT  333  Bifl6yBaiOTbC5R 
Bifl  13.01.  flo  31.03.  b k.  2-58  Topi. 

KypcM  icTopi'i  yKpa'iHM  nponoHyioTbca 
BeMOpaMM,  L406  flaTM  MOXHiCTb 
3aMiKaBjieHMM  oco6aM  3 rpoMaflM  cnyxaTM 
'ix  (3a  Ticio  caMoio  3acafloio  3aranbHi 
KypcM  icTopi'i  CxiflHbO'f  EBponM  MMTaiOTbca 
b MeTBep  BenepoM).  UJo6  6yTM  BinbHMM 
cnyxaMeM,  to6to  cnyxaTM  BMKnaflM,  ane 
He  CKJiaflaTM  icnMTiB  mm  nMcaTM  cTaTTePi  i 
He  flicTaBaTM  3aniK,  Tpe6a  bmhobhmtm 
aHKeTy  flna  BinbHMX  cnyxaMiB  y 6yflMHKy 
aflMiHicTpaMi'i  (nepniMPi  noBepx)  Miw  5 i 16 
ciMHH  (ane  paflMTbc 9\  aKHaPiCKopwe). 

OnnaTa  sa  oflMH  ceMecTp  (t.3b.  niB-Kypc) 
BMHocMTb  52  flon.  y cnpaBax  BnMCiB 
npocMMO  3BepTaTMca  flo  6iopa  pericTpaps 
yHiBepcMTeTy  Ha  No.  Ten.  432-3113. 
riMTaHH*  npo  caM  Kypc  npocMMO 
cnpaMOByBaTM  flo  fl-pa  Xmmkm  Ha  No. 

Ten.  432-3543,  a6o  nepeflaTM  BiCTKM  y 
6iopi  Biflfliny  icTopMMHMX  HayK  na  No. 

Ten.  432-3270. 

flopflflOK  BMKnafliB  Ha  ciMenb-6epe3eHb 
1987  p. 

13.01.  yKpa'iHa  b CTapOBMHi 

20.01.  PloMaTKM  PycM 

27.01.  npMMHSTT^  XpMCTMSHCTBa 

03.02.  flo6a  fipocnaea  Myflporo 

24.02.  SaHenafl  KM'iBCbKO'i  PycM 

03.03.  MoHronbCbKMPi  Hanafl 

10.03.  FanMqbKO-BonMHCbKe  KoponiBCTBO 

17.03.  rioflin  KM'iBCbKO'i  cnaflu^MHM 

24.03.  BMCOKa  KynbTypa  KM'iBCbKO'i  PycM 

31.03.  Flo6yT  KM'iBCbKO'i  PycM 




KOMiTeT  enpMSRHH?!  p03BMTK0Bi 
yKpaiHCbKOi  cnijibHOTM  (KCPYC)  ihomho 
BkinycTHB  CBiui  3BiT  "ByflyBaHHa 
MaM6yTHboro:  KaHaflCbKi  yKpaiHifli  b XXI 
CToniTTi.  IlnaH  flii".  KpaPiOBa  ynpaBa  (y 
BiHHinery)  KoMiTeiy  yKpa'iHL|iB  Kana flM 
CTBopn/ia  KCPYC  y 6epe3Hi  1982  p.,  mo6 
posrjiaHyTM  MaM6yTHiPi  po3bmtok 
yKpaiHCbKOi  cni/ibHOTM  b KaHafli.  Y cboim 
npaqi  KCPYC  o6Me>KMBC?i  flo  Tpbox 
CTenoBMX  npoBiHqiM,  fle  *MBe  HaMbmbiue 
mmcjio  yKpaiHMiB.  Y 3BiTi  fleTa/ibHO 
po3rjiq,qaeTbca  idopm  yKpaiHCbKMX 
noce/ieHb  Ha  CTenax,  cy-iacHi  npo6neMM,  a 
OKpeMy  yBary  3BepTaeTbC?i  TaKMM 
ocBiTa.  Y KOxcHiki  flijiaHifli  nponoHycTbCsi 
n^3H  fli'i.  LjePi  3BiT  BMroTOBJieHO  Ha 
niflCTaBi  fleTanbHoro  BMBMeHHa  rpoMaflM, 
?iKe  nepeBiB  KCPYC  y (J)opMi 
KOHC}}epeHi4iM(  aHani3M  flaHMX  nepenncy 
Hace^eHHs  Ta  onmy  npoeefleHoro  1983-4 
p.  cepefl  yKpaiHCbKMX  rpoMaflCbKMX 
opraHi3aMiM  Ha  CTenax.  3BiT  BMflaHo 
aHrniMCbKOK),  yKpamcbKOK)  m 
4)paHuiy3bKOio  MOBaMM  i Pioro  MO>KHa 
na6yTM  b npoBiHLjii/iHMX  paflax  KYK  npM 
TaKHX  aflpecax: 

Provincial  Council, 

Ukrainian  Canadian  Committee 
1355  Main  Street 
Winnipeg,  Manitoba 
R2W  3T7 

P.O.  Box  141 
Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan 
S7K  3K4 

# 202,  10852-97  Street 
Edmonton,  Alberta 
T5H  2M5 

JliTOM  1986  p.  peflaKqiMHe  6iopo 
"XypHana  yKpamosHaBMMX  cTyfliki" 
nepeHeceHO  3 TopoHTCbKoro  yHiBepcmeTy 
flo  KIYC.  PoMaH  CeHKycb,  mo  peflaryBaB 
xypHa/i  Bifl  caMoro  noMaTKy  b 1976  p., 
Tenep  npai_|K)BaTMMe  TijibKM  sik  peflaKTop 
pyKonkiciB  "Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine". 
Hobmm  peflaKTopoM  ")KYC”  CTaB 
flOCJliflHMK  KIYC  MnpOC^aB  fOpKeBMM. 

Y BepecHi  noaBMBca  No.  19  xypna/ia. 
Y HbOMy  noMiifleHO  TaKi  CTani: 

Bor,qaH  KopflaH  npM  cniBnpapi  PiTM 
HaB  — "YKpaiHLii  Ta  nMTaHHs  npo 
eTHiMHe  noxofl>xeHH?i  b KaHaflCbKOMy 
nepenkici  Hace/ieHHfl  1981  p.",  BorflaH 
KjiMMauj  "HonoBiMe  m xdHOMe  Hanajia  9\ k 
CTpyKTypa  pMTya/ibHMX  xapniB  yKpa'iHLflB 
y KaHafli",  RpocnaB  fopflMHCbKMM  — 
"XiHOMe  nmaHH a b yKpamcbKiM 
paflaHCbKiM  noBicTi"  (m.  1),  BajiepiflH 
niflMornjibHMM  — "BaHs"  — nepeKjiafl 
MaKCHMa  TapHaBCbKoro,  Mapia 
TapHaBCbKa  — "BMflaHHa  aHrniMCbKMX 
nepeK/iafliB  yKpaiHCbKo'i  /iiTepaTypn  Bifl 
1980  p."  (m.  1),  CTenaH  Be/iMMeHKO  — 
"PaflflHCbKMM  o4)ii_|iMHMM  nornafl  Ha 
yKpa'iHCbKy  iCTopiorpa0iK>". 

piMHy  nepeflnnaTy  flo  10  flo/i.  flji?i  oci6  Ta 
15  flon.  fl/ia  ycTaHOB  i 6i6/iioTeK.  HeKM  mm 
rpomoBi  nepeKa3M  Tpe6a  c/iaTM  Ha 

Journal  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  T6G  2E8 
3aMOB/i8HHSR  3-no3a  KaHaflM  Tpeba 
on^aMyBaTM  flo/iapaMM  CUJA. 



CKiHMMnaca  npaMa  rieTpa  CaBapMHa  a k 
KaHi_iJiepa  Anb6epTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy. 

n.  CaBapMH,  flBaHaflMaTkiM  KaHM/iep 

yHiBepcmeTy,  BiflirpaB  npoBiflHy  pojikd  b 
3acHyBaHHi  KIYC.  BiH  npe3MfleHT 
CBiTOBoro  KOHrpecy  Bi/ibHMX  yKpaiHi_|iB. 


y TpaBHi  1986  p.  fl-pa  Aesifla 
CoHflepca,  npocpecopa  icTopiij 
yHiBepcMTeTy  b HbK)KacT/ii-Ha-TaMHi 
( AHr/iisR)  Ta  aBTopa  khmxkm  "The  Ukrainian 
Impact  on  Russian  Culture  1750-1850", 
SKy  KIYC  BkiflaB  y 1985  p.,  HaropoflxeHO 
IV  npeMieK)  iM.  AHTOHOBMHiB.  flpeMia,  140 
CK/iaflaeTbca  3 rpaMOTM  Ta  rpoiiieBo'i 
flOTaLii'i  5 000  flon.,  npMcyflxyeTbca 
mopiMHO  0yH,qaL4ieK)  OMe/iaHa  m TeTaHM 
AHTOHOBMMiB  (BaiuiHrTOH)  aBTopoBi 

BM3Ha<-iHoT  npaqi  6yflb-aKOK)  mobokd  Ha 
yKpa'iH03HaBMy  TeMy  (icTopia,  icTopia 
niTepaTypM,  MOB03HaBCTBO,  icTopia 
MkicTeMTBa  a6o  jiiTepaiypHa  KpuTMKa). 
L|boro  poKy  flo  xtopi  HanexariM  BorflaH 
Py6MaK  (IjiniHOMCbKMM  yHiBepcMTeT  y 
HiKaro),  PoMaH  WnpopnK)K  (MiMiraHCbKMM 
yHiBepcmeT),  flpoc/iaB  IlejieHCbKMM 
(AMOBCbKMPi  yHiBepcmeT)  Ta  iBaH  Oi3ep 
(PaTrepcbKMM  yHiBepcMTeT). 


Ki/ibKa  MicaqiB  TOMy  npMMiii^eHO  flBi 
apxiBHi  s6ipKM  b A/ib6epTCbKiM 
yHiBepcHTeTi.  BorflaH  roiuoBCbKMM  3 
TopoHTa  noflapyBaB  apxiB  fO/iiaHa 
Baccn?iHa  (1894-1953),  BiflOMoro  aBTopa 
0i^oco0iMHkix  npai_ib  Ta  ifleo/iora 
OpraHi3aL4ii  yKpa'iHCbKMX  Hai_|ioHajiicTiB.  B 
apxiBi  36epiraK)TbC5i  pyKonncn  CTaTTen 
BaccMSHa  (flea Ki  me  He  noaBM/iMca 
flpyKOM),  floc/iiflHi  3anncKn,  0oTorpa0i‘i  m 
nkiCTyBaHHa.  flpyrMM  apxiB  — 36ipKa 
3HaMeHMToro  paflaH03HaBMa  &opnca 
JleBMMbKoro  (1915-84),  b aKOMy 
36epiraK)Tbca  Bifl6nTKki  Moro  ra3eTHnx  i 
xypHa/ibHMX  cTaTTeM,  a TaKOx  piflKicHi 
no/iiTMMHi  MaconMCM  3 1940-mx  i 1950-mx 


Mi  apxiBM,  MoxyTb  oflepxaTM  TOMHimi 
flOBiflKM  nkiiuyMM  Ha  aflpecy: 

Mr.  James  Parker,  University  Archivist 
University  of  Alberta  Archives 
1-05C  Rutherford  Library  South 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta,  T6G  2J4 



y xoBTHi  1985  p.  b "BioneTeHi"  KIYC 
noflaHO  flo  BiflOMa,  140  A/ib6epTCbKMPi 
yHiBepcmeT  Ha6yB  qiHHy  36ipKy 
MiKpOC{3ij1bMiB  yKpaiHCbKMX  TepMiHOjlOriMHMX 
cnoBHMKiB  y MuxaPi/ia  IlexcaHCbKoro  3 
JloHr-AMnaHfl-CiTi  (Hbio-MopK).  3aB,qsiKM 
LuteflpoMy  ,qapy  fl-pa  MapKa  AHTOHOBMMa 
3 MoHpea/iK)  KIYC  Ha6yB  me  tpm 

C/IOBHMKM  flrm  yHiBepCkITeTCbKOl  36ipKM; 

B.  flydpOBCbKMM, 

"MocKOBCbKO-yKpaiHCbKa  cj3pa3eo/iorm” 
(Kmib,  1917). 

H.  KoBaneBCbKa-KoponiBa,  "KemeHKOBMPi 
MecbKO-yKpaiHCbKMM  c/iobhmk"  (Flpara, 

B.  FliflMorM^bHMM  Ta  G.  nnywHMK, 
''0pa3eojioris  flinoBOi  mobm”  (Kmib,  1924) 

KIYC  6yfle  flyx<e  bashhmm  sa 
cniBnpaMto  iHUJMX  6i6nio4)miB,  sKi  MaioTb 
yKpaiHCbKMPi  Ta  yKpaiHCbKO-KaHaflCbKMM 
MaTepm/i  i ao3bojim/im  6 iHCTMTyTOBi  3hfitm 
MiKpocjD'mbMM  3 Hboro.  3 yciMa 

MaTep'm/iaMM  06X0flMTMMeM0Cb 
HKHai/iyBaxHiwe  i noBepHeMO  ix  3apa3  no 
SHiMaHHi  MiKpocf>mbMy. 


VI  piMHy  yKpaiHCbKy  6i6niorpa0i<-iHy 
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npecM  b nojibu^i  (1918-39)  i 
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(1918-19)”.  TyT  noflaHO  6i6/iiorpa(f>i'-iHMM 
onMC  1 210  raseT,  MaconMciB,  pImhmx 
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no-yKpaiHCbKOMy,  a6o  aKi  BMflariM 
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iM.  L4eHKIB  npMCyfl>KyGTbC51  Ti/lbKM 

HeBMflaHMM  npapaM.  KIYC  BMflacTb  TT  b 
1987  p. 


"Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine"  6yfle 

HaPlKpai^MM  flOBiflHMKOM  yKpa IH03HaBCTBa 
aHrniMCbKOK)  mobohd.  HepiuMM  3 n'siTM 
TopoHTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy  BoceHM  1984 
p.  Ha  npM6/iM3HO  1 000  CTopiHKax 
noMiu^eHO  6'\r\9\  3 000  racen,  450 
HOpH06mMX  i/lKDCTpapiM,  150  KO/lbOpOBMX 
imocTpapiM  Ta  KinbKa  KapT,  fle^Ki 
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no-aHrniMCbKOMy  3 yKpaiHCbKMM 
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npi3BMi4e  Kpame  BiflOMe  b inmiM  MOBi,  Pioro 
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6i6^ioTeKM  (3  ynpomeHHsiMM,  a Ki 
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MixHapoflHa  MOB03HaBMa  CMCTeMa,  aKa 
nOflaG  TOHHilUi  (JJOHeTMMHi  BiflnOBiflHMKM 

yKpaiHCbKMX  race/i. 

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o6^acHi  Ta  no/iiTMMHi  rpaHMpi  YPCP,  a^e 
Pi  eTHorpa4)iMHi  kopaohm  yKpaiHCbKoro 





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npMM.)  BMnpoflaHO  flo  rpbox  Micsu_|iB. 
flpymPi  HaKJiafl  MaB  TaKMPi  caMMPi  ycnix. 

"Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine”  — pe 
MacTMHHO  nepeK/iafl  i nepepo6Ka 
"EHpuK^onefli'i  yKpa  iHOSHaBCTBa”  (flo 
Tenep  nosiBMjiocs  Aes’xTb  TOMiB),  FiKy  B>xe 
35  poKiB  BMflae  HayKOBe  TOBapucTBO  iM. 
UJeBMeHKa,  HaPiCTapwe  yKpamcbKe 
HayKOBe  TOBapMCTBO.  IT  peflaryBaB  aw  ,qo 
cbogi  CMepTM  1985  p.  b Capce/ii  y 

yKpai'HCbKMM  yneHMM  i reorpacf). 
YKpa'iHCbKe  BMflaHHa  3aKiHMaTb  ApKafliPi 
>KyKOBCbKkiki,  BacMJib  MapKycb  i Co0m 
flHOBa.  BorflaH  KpaBMeHKO 
KOopflMHyBaTMMe  npapHD  Ha,q  aHrnoMOBHMM 
BMflaHH^M,  flnpeKTop  KaHaflCbKoro 
iHCTMTyTy  yKpa'iHCbKMX  CTyfliPi.  BiH  6y#e 
3BS3KOBMM  Miw  ocepeflKOM  HayKOBOfO 
TOBapncTBa  iM.  UJeBHeHKa  b Capceni  Ta 
peflaKpiMHMM  6kdpom  eHpMKjionefli'i  b 
TopoHTi.  3a  pe,qaKL|iK)  BiflnoBiflaTMMe 
flHpeKTOP  TOpOHTCbKOrO  6K>pa  iHCTMTyTy 
Ta  KepyfOMMM  peflaKTop,  flaHM/io 
Tycap-CTpyK.  flo  peflaKpiPiHO'i  KO/ierii' 
TaKoxc  HanexcaTb  O/ieKca  EmaHK>K 
(OijiafleribCtDisR),  ApKafliPi  X(yKOBCbKMPi 
(Capce/ib),  Eor,qaH  KpaBMeHKO  (Eamohtoh), 
MaHO/iiPi  Jlyny/i  (Eamohtoh),  i BacM/ib 
Mapxycb  (HiKaro). 

"Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine”  nosBMTbes 
BnoBHi  ,qo  1992  p.  y CTopiMMS  noce/ieHHs 
yKpaT'HpiB  y KaHafli.  UinicTb 
oxon/iKDBaTMMe  6\n$\  20  000  raceri  b 
TaKMX  Be/iMKMX  MOTMpbox  KaTeropmx: 

1.  Tac/ia  npo  reorpa(}3iK)  Pi  npMpofly 
YKpa'iHM,  reorpa0iMHO-icTopMMHi  Kpa'i, 
apxeojioriio  Pi  icTopiio,  cyfliPiBHMpTBo, 

pepKBy,  MOBy  Pi  jiiTepaTypy,  ocBiTy, 
MMCTepTBo,  TeaTp,  My3MKy  Pi  HapoflHe 

2.  Tac/ia  npo  po3bmtok  pi3HMX  HayK  b 
YKpa'lHi,  BK/HOMHO  3 T3KMMM 
HeyKpa'lH03HaBMMMM,  a^e  TeXHiMHMMM  Pi 
npMpoflHMMO-HayKOBMMM,  5rk  Hanp. 
aHTpono/iorm,  6oTaHiKa,  300Jiorm, 
xeMm,  (f)i3MKa,  MeflMpMHa  Pi  eKOHOMiKa. 

3.  fac/ia  npo  BiflHoweHH?i  YKpa'iHM  3 

iHLUMMM  Kpa'iHaMM,  yKpaT'HLjiB  3 iHLUMMM 
HapoflaMM  Pi  Hapi^MM,  mm  b MMHy/ioMy, 
mm  Tenep;  npo  Kpa'iHM,  flo  hkmx 
yKpa'iHqi  eMirpyBa/iM,  a TaKOw  npo 
HapioHa/ibHi  mghiumhm  b YKpaT'Hi. 

4.  facjia  npo  noo^MHOKi  nofli'i,  ypoMMipa, 
ycTaHOBM,  MaconMCM  Ta  BM,qaHHa, 
TOBapMCTBa  Pi  opraHi3aMi'i. 

npMMipHMKM  eHpMK/ionefli'i  MOWHa 
KynMTM  3a  115  flon.  b KHMrapHi 
TopoHTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy,  b pi3HMX 
yKpa'iHCbKMX  KHMrapH?ix  y TopoHTi  Ta  b 
iHUJMX  MiCTaX,  a6o  MOWHa  3aMOBMTM 
nOUJTOK)  Bifl: 

Canadian  Foundation  of  Ukrainian 

Box  205,  West  5th  Avenue 
Vancouver,  B.C., 

V5Y  3X1 


nPMCyflXEHO  CTMnEHflU  HA  1986-7  p. 


najiikmyK,  JliHfla 
rioniBMaK,  Mapm 
TapHaBCbKa,  Po3aHa 







yKpaiHCbKa  MOBa  m 
yKpamcbKa  MOBa  m 
yKpamcbKa  MOBa  M 



y Hi  BepcwTGT  flporpaMa 


AaH-TapfliHr,  Ons  MopKCbKMi/t  IcTopis  O.  Cy6TejibHMM 

3aro/iOBOK  Te3n:  "HanpyxeHH?i  Mix  noMipKOBaHMMM  m Kpai/iHiMM  b MixBOGHHii/i 
f aNMMMHi" 

CTeLjb,  MapKO  TopoHTCbKMM  yKpamcbKa  A-  Tycap-CTpyK 


SaroNOBOK  Te3n:  "Irop  KocTei_|bKMM  srk  flpaMaTypr" 


flapeBMM,  flapis  JlOHflOHCbKMM  ICTOpiS  MMCTeL|TBa  T.  f.  f peTTOH 

3aroNOBOK  flMcepTaqiT:  "yKpa'iHCbKe  flMCMfleHTCbKe  MMCTeMTBo" 

KNifl,  EorflaH  ANb6epTCbKMM  IcTopia  I.  n.  XMMKa 

3aroNOBOK  flMcepTai_|ii':  "HapoflHMLjTBO  b yKpaiHi  b pp.  1860-1890" 

COMMMHCbKMI/t,  EorflaH  TNe3rOBCbKMM  l~l0NiTMMHa  I".  TiKTiH 


3aroNOBOK  flMcepTaLliT:  Tocno#apcbKMM  po3bmtok  y KpaiHM  i/i  noMaTKM  pafliRHCbKoro 
BHyTpililHbOrO  KONOHismi3My" 


3arONOBOK  flMcepTaMi’i:  "ETHiMHMM  MMHHMK  y paflflHCbKiM  MixeTHiMHiM  flMCMfleHTCbKiM 




Hifl  Mac  jiiTa  1986  p.  KIYG 

B/iaiUTyBaB  pSfl  JliTHiX  flOCJliflMMX  npoGKTiB. 
BiKTop  ro/ioBaM  npaLjKDBaB  apxiBHMM 
acMCTemoM  y KaHaflCbKOMy  ny6/iiMH0My 
apxiBi  nifl  npoBOflOM  MnpoHa  MoMpMKa 
Hafl  iHBemapeM  Tc>BapncTBa 
yKpaiHCbKO-KaHaflCbKMx  seTepaHiB. 

HaTa/im  Xom'sk  Ta  XpncTMHa  OpmeHfl 
npaMKDBa/iM  flocjiiflHMMM  acMCTemaMM  b 
paMKax  nporpaMM  niTHboro  3aTpyflHeHH?i 
mm  36araMeHHa  flocBifly  KaHaflCbKoro 
ypafly.  H.  Xom'ak  *MBe  b OnaBi  Pi  nifl 
npoBOflOM  OpecTa  MapTMHOBMMa  Ta 
A aBM,qa  Aynyria,  floc/iiflHMKiB  KIYC, 
BMBMana  pi3Hi  apxiBM  npo  yKpaiHCbKMX 
KaHaflMiB  nepiofly  flo  riepiiioi  CBiTOBOi 
BiMHM.  X.  Opi/ieHfl  riMca/ia  racjia  fl/ia 
flpyroro  TOMy  "Encyclopedia  of  Ukraine” 
nifl  KepiBHMi_|TBOM  fl-pa  BorflaHa 


nifl  Mac  niTa  MeTOflMMHMM  Ka6iHeT 
yKpaiHCbKO’i  mobm  (MEKYM)  Ha6yB  pafl 
hobmx  (tyjibMiB  Ta  BifleonjiiBOK  3 YKpaiHM. 
Cepefl  hmx  0 TaKi  flOBroMeTpaxHi  c|)mbMM, 
sk  "noBepHSHH?)  BaTepctmai/i”  (0parMeHTM 
3 6iorpa<J)iT  cniBaMKM  CojiQMi'i 
KpyiuejibHMMbKoT),  "iBaH  OpaHKo”,  "O/ieKca 
floB6yiu”  Ta  iH.  MEKYM  TaKO*  Ha6yB 

9\ K Hanp.  "lleTpMKiBCbKMM  p03nMC”,  "IcTopm 
oflHoro  naM  5iTHMKa  (icTopm  YcneHCbKoro 
cobopy  b AbBOBi),  "riTaxM  jieTSTb  Hafli 
mhoio”  (6iorpa4)isi  KiHopexMcepa  m 
nMCbMeHHMKa  O/ieKcaHflpa  floBxceHKa)  Ta 
6araT0  imiiMX.  fle^Ki  KopoTKOMeTpaxKM 
MaiOTb  yKpa'l'HCbKMM  3ByK,  iHiui 
aHr jiiMCbKMM,  a me  iHiui  36epiraK>Tbcs  b 
o6ox  Bepciax. 

MEKYM  KIYC  npMroTOBjiae  HOBe 
BMflaHHsi  KaTaxiory  3opoBO-c;iyxoBMX 
MaTepia/iiB,  b SRKOMy  byfle  noBHMM  cnncoK 
MMX  CjJOHfliB.  MorO  MOJKHa  6yfle  3aMOBMTM 
6e3njiaTHO  6i/ifl  KiHi_|?i  poKy  npM  TaKiPi 


Ukrainian  Language  Resource 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian 

335  Athabasca  Hall 
The  University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta 
T6G  2E8 

MaTepm/iM  3 MEKYM  MowHa 
no3MMaTM  6e3n/iaTHO  Ha  14  ahIb. 
3aMiCI_ieBMX  KJliCHTiB  npocMMO  nOKpMTM 

CEMIHAPM  KIYC  1986-7  P. 

n'zTHMU.n,  26  Bepechm 

RpocjiaB  iBaHycb  (Biflflin  icTopMMHMX  HayK 
Ajib6epTCbKoro  yH-Ty) 

"TpaflMiflisi  yKpa'iHCbKoro 
cepeflHbOBiMM?)  b flyMKax  Mmkojim 

n'nTHMljn,  24  KOBTHZ 

A“P  flMMTpO  LUTOrpMH  (C/lOB'siHCbKMM  i 
cxiflHboeBponektCbKMM  Biflflin  6-km 
l^jiiHOMCbKoro  yH-Ty) 
"AiTepaTypo3HaBMi  MeTOflM  KMiBCbKMX 
HeoKjiacMKiB”  (no-yKpaiHCbKOMy) 


n'ZTHMLIZ,  28  flMCTOnafla 

o.  npoT.  CepriM  Ke/ierep  (TopoHTCbKa  m 
cxiflHbOKaHaflCbKa  enapxia) 

"CxiflH?i  nojiiTMKa  BaTMKaHy" 

n'zTHMU,*,  12  rpyflH* 

fl-p  Mapn/i3  (flocniflHMK  KIYC) 

"HopHo6ki^b  i sflepHa  eHeprm  b 

n'ZTHM14%,  30  CiVHZ 

fl-p  CiaHicjiaB  BapaHbMaK  (Biflflin 
CJiOB'aHCbKMX  mob  i ziiTepaiyp 
FapBapflCbKoro  yH-Ty) 

"yKpaiHCbKa  TeMa  b MOflepHiM 
nojibCbKiM  noe3ii" 

n'XTHMJZ,  27  flfOTOrO 

fi-p  PoMaH  neTpMLUMH  (BaraTOKyjibTypHMM 
flopaflHMK  FpoMaflCbKoro  Ko/ieflxy  iM. 
TpaHTa  MaK-HDeaHa) 

"P03BMT0K  yKpaiHCbKOl  KyjlbTypM  B 
Ajib6epTi.  Bi3ia  MaPi6yTHboro” 

UieBMeHKiBCbKa  zieKLim  (noflpo6ML|i  OyflyTb 
noflaHi  ni3Hiiue) 

n'BTHMIJZ,  10  KBIT H 91 

MapKO  BaHflepa  (Biflfli/i  c/iOB'flHCbKnx  i 
cxiflHboeBponeMCbKMX  floc/iifl>*<eHb 
A^b6epTCbKoro  yH-Ty) 

"YKpaiHCbKa  iHCTpyMeHTa^bHa  My3MKa 
b 3axiflHiM  KaHafli. 

Yci  ceMiHapM  Bifl6yBaK5Tbc<R  o roflMHi 
19.30  b repiTa,qx-^aBHfl>Ki, 
ATa6acKa-ro/iy  b A/ib6epTCbKiM 

1986-7  P. 

KaHaflCbKa  0yHflaL4is  yKpamcbKMX 
CTyfliM  Mae  iuaHy  noBiflOMMTM,  mo 
nicjiflflOKTopcbKy  CTMneHfliK)  iM. 

HenopaHMX  Ha  1987  p.  npMcyflxeHO 
BorflaHy  KopflaHOBi.  L|k)  CTMneHfliK) 
npMcyflxeHO  3a  Moro  flkicepTai-iiK) 

"KaHafla  m yKpa'iHCbKa  eTHiMHa  npo6;ieMa, 
1939-45  pp.  3pa30K  MMCTei_|TBa 
KepyBaHH^  .qepxaBOK)'',  b sikIm  B.  KopflaH 
BMBMac  no/iiTMKy  KaHaflCbKoro  yp^fly 
cynpoTM  yKpaiHCbKOl  MenmocTM  nifl  Mac 
Apyroi  CBiTOBO'i  BiMHM. 

BorflaH  Kop,qaH  3flo6yB  CTyniHb  B.A. 
niflBMmeHoro  Tuny  b TopoHTCbKiM 
yHiBepcMTeTi,  a MaricTepcbKMM  flMrmoM  y 
KapnTOHCbKiM  yHiBepcmeTi.  SsaHHa 
flOKTopa  sin  3flo6y,qe  ocihhk)  1986  p.  b 
Api30HCbKiM  mTaTHiM  yHiBepcmeii. 



HeflaBHO  Tpoe  acnipaHTiB  3flo6y/iM 
flunnoMM  b Ajib6epTCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi. 
Pa/iMHa  MyxMHa  3axMCTM/ia  y Biflflijii 
cnoB  ^HCbKMX  i cxiflHboeBponePicbKMX 
floc/iiflxceHb  flOKTopcbKy  AMcepTaqiio  n.3. 
"HapoflHkiqTBO  Pi  MOflepHicTMMHi  TeHfleHi_iii 
b yKpaiHCbKiPi  niTepaTypi”. 

faHHa  EicKO  3axMCTnna  y Biflfli/ii 
nojiiTMHHkix  HayK  MaricTepcbKy  Te3y  n.3. 
"BHyTpiwHiM  KO/iOHi3/ii3M  b CPCP.  CnpaBa 
PaflsmcbKoT  y Kpa'iHn”. 

FlpocnaB  iBaHycb  3axncTHB  y Biflfli/ii 
icTopMMHMX  HayK  MaricTepcbKy  Te3y  n.3. 
"fleMOKpaTia,  0e,qepajii3M  Ta 
HaLiiOHajibHicTb.  yKpamcbKa 
cepeflHbOBiMHa  cnafliflMHa  b flyMKax 
Mmkojim  KocTOMapoBa”. 


yKpaiHCbKO-KaHaflCbKMkt  CTO/liTHiM 
iCTOpMMHMM  npOGKT  OflepxaB  flOTaMifO 

20  000  flcm.  Bifl  CeKTopa 
6araTOKy^bTypHOCTM  flepxcaBHoro 
ceKpeiapi^Ty  KaHaflCbKoro  ypafly. 
flkipeKTop  Kiyc  EorflaH  KpaBMeHKO 
oflepxcaB  nMCTa  Pi  MeK  Bifl  aoct.  fleBifla 
KpoM6i,  BiflnoBifla/ibHoro  MiHicTpa 
6araTOKy/ibTypHOCTM  Mepe3  fixiMa 
EflBapfl3a,  noc/ia  OKpyrn 
EflMOHTOH-niBfleHb,  25  BepecHa.  LJieio 
flOTaMiGK)  6yflyib  on/ianeHi  fle^Ki  BMTpaTM 
BMflaHH*  nepiuoro  TOMy  icTopii  yKpamqiB 
y KaHafli. 


B aKafleMiMHOMy  1986-7  poqi  b 
A/ib6epTCbKiM  yHiBepcmeTi  CTyfliioe 
MOTMpHaflL4aTb  acnipaHTiB,  b t.m.:  5 — 
yKpai'HCbKMM  00/lKJlbOP  (flBOG 
flOKTopaHTiB),  4 — yKpai'HCbKe 
JliTepaTyp03HaBCTB0  (flBOG  flOKTOpaHTiB),  4 

iCTOpia  y Kpa IHM  (flBOG  flOKTOpaHTiB),  1 

— c/iOB'^HCbKi  Pi  cxiflHboeBponePiCbKi 
flocniflxeHHfl  (MaricTpaHT),  1 — noniTMMHi 
HayKM  (MaricTpaHT)  Ta  1 flOKTopaHT  icTopii 
yKpa'iHL4iB  b KaHafli. 



nifl  Mac  HayKOBO’i  KOH0epeHi_|ii 
KaHaflCbKoT  acoMiai-iii  cnaBicTiB,  iflo 
Bifl6yBa^ac?i  b MaHiTo6cbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi, 
fl-p  AHflpiPl  T OpH51TKeBMM  BiflMMTaB 
flonoBiflb  "B3ipMi  yKpamcbKMX  HaronociB”. 

y jiktnHi  1986  p.  fl-p  TopHSTKeBHM 
6yB  cniBBMK^aflaMeM  Kypcy  Ko63apcTBa 
Ha  MixHapoflHHX  Kypcax  yKpaiHCbKOi 
HapoflHO'i  My3MKki,  iflo  Bifl6yBajnnc5i  Bifl  29 
MepBHfl  flo  11  nnnH5i  b HbK)-PlopKy.  Plifl 
Mac  IflMX  KypciB  BiH  TaKOX  BiflMMTaB 
ceMinapi  Ha  TaKi  tgmm:  "<t>i3MMHa 
KOHeMHicTb  My3MKM",  "Enoc”  Ta 
"yKpa'l'HCbKi  HapOflHi  My3MMHi 

iHCTpyMeHTM".  Bifl  21  flo  31  JiMnHs  BiH 

MMTaB  Kypc  "nopiBHq/IbHMPl  0OJ1KJlbOp. 
yKpa'l'HCbKi  fl yMM"  b yKpamcbKiM  BinbHiM 
yHiBepcMTeTi  b MioHxeHi. 



dtymtauiH  PoflHHH  Ueea  Kpttcn 


6y^yTi.  BHflaHi  b 1987-My  poui 
3 ne^aroriKH,  icTopii,  ryiviaHiTapHHx  i cycnuibHHx  HayK. 

• iHCTHTyT  3anpouiye  bhochth  nonaHHH  Ha  Tpn  CTyaiHHi  CTHneHflii'  (no  2 500  flon.). 
CTHneH^ii  npH3HaneHi  ansi  CTapuinx  CTyaeHTiB,  mo  xonyTb  3flo6yTH  cTyniHb  6aKajiaBpa,  b 
HKOMy  yKpaiHicTHKa  Binirpae  BaacjiHBy  ponio.  U,«  nporpaMa  Mae  CKJiaaaTHca  3 KOM6iHanii' 
KypciB  yKpaiHCbKHx  Ta  cxinHboeBponencbKHx,  pammcbKHx  hh  KaHaflCbKHx  CTynift  y 
nporpaMi  ryMaHiTapnx  HayK  a6o  nenaroriKH. 

• CTHneHflii  npH3HaneHi  Ha  BOCbMHMicaHHHH  nepion  HaBnaHHH  y 6yab-«KOMy  KaHaacbKOMy 

• KaHflHaaTH  Ha  CTHneHfliio  Ha  Mac  noaaHHH  MycaTb  6yTH  KaHa^CbKHMH  rpoManHHaMH  a6o 

• TinbKH  y bhhhtkobhx  BHnaflKax  CTHneHfliHTH  MoacyTb  onep^cyBaTH  piBHonacHO  h iHini 

PEHEHELJb  HA  HO^AHHil:  31  CIHH^  1987  P. 

• 3a  nonaHHHMH  npocHMO  nwcaTH  Ha  anpecy: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hail 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 





6yayTb  BHflaHi  b 1987-My  poui 

3 neflaroriKH,  icTopii',  npaea,  ryiviaHiTapHHx  Ta  cycnijibHHx  HayK  i 


• iHCTHTyT  3anpomye  noaaHHa  Ha  abi  MaricTepcbKi  Te30Bi  CTHtieHflii'  (no  4 500  aon.),  mo  He 
BiaHOBjwioTbCH,  Ta  Ha  TpH  aoKTopcbKi  aHcepTaniHHi  CTnneHmi  (no  8 000  aoji.),  mo  MoacyTb 
BiaHOBJiaTHca.  CTHneHaii  aonoMoacyTb  acnipaHTaM  33KiHHHTH  cboi  Te3H  (aHcepTanii)  3 
yKpai'HCbKoi  a6o  yKpaiHCbKo-KaHaacbKoi  TeMaTHKH  y BHme3raaaHHx  flHcnHnniHax. 
CTHneH^ii  6yayTb  HaaaHi  TiJibKH  b Te30BOMy  poui  i TijibKH  ana  Te30BOi  npani. 

• KaHaacbKi  rpoMammH  hh  iMirpaHTH  MoacyTb  BHKopHCTOByBaTH  CTHneHaii  y 6yab-«KOMy 
BnmoMy  HayKOBOMy  3aKJiaai  b KaHaai  hh  3a  i"i  MeacaiviH. 

• Acuio  KaHflHaaTH  Ha  cTHneHniio  He  e KaHaacbKHMH  rpoMammaMH,  to  nepeBary  MaTHMyTb 
Ti,  mo  nocTynHJiH  Ha  acnipaHTypy  b Ajib6epTCbKOMy  yHiBepcHTeTi. 

• TijibKH  y bhhhtkobhx  BnnaaKax  cTHneHfliHTH  MoacyTb  oaepacaTH  piBHonacHO  h mini 

PEHEHELJb  HA  nO^AHHil:  31  CIHHil  1987  P. 

• 3a  noaaHHHMH  npocHMo  nncaTH  Ha  aapecy: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 



3anpomye  bhochth  no^aHHB  Ha 

Aocumm  aotauii 

3 iCTopii',  JiiTepaTypn,  mobh,  neflaroriKH,  cycniJibHHx  HayK 
a6o  6i6ai0TeK03HaBCTBa  YKpaiHH  hh  ynpainuiB  y KaHaai. 

Ahkcth  Ta  aoBiaHHKH  MOXHa  oaep>KaTH  b: 

Canadian  Institute  of  Ukrainian  Studies 
352  Athabasca  Hall 
University  of  Alberta 
Edmonton,  Alberta  T6G  2E8 

PeMeHuiajiH  noaaHb:  1 kbithh  i 1 rpyaHH. 


Y /uanHi  1986  p.  XpucTMHy  KoryT 
ceKpeiapeM  KIYC.  X.  KoryT  npai_|K)Bajia 
Bifl  1980  p.  B KiyC  K aflMiHiCTpaTMBHMM 
flinoBOfl.  y cbo'i’m  HOBiPi  nocafli  BOHa 
BiflnoBiflaTmvie  3a  MempanisaMiK)  Ta 

CTopm  npat_|i  KiyC.  X.  KoryT  3,qo6yna 
3BaHHa  6aKanaBpa  ryMaHicTMMHMX  HayK  y 
Anb6epTCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi  i cTyflifOBana 
6i6ni0TeK03HaBCTB0  b TopoHTCbKiM 


HeflaBHO  nosRBMJiMCiR  TaKi  npaqi  fl-pa 
KpaBM6HKa:  La  Renaissance  nationale  et  la 
classe  laborieuse  en  Ukraine  durant  les 
annees  1920  y kh.  "La  Renaissance 
nationale  et  culturelle  en  Ukraine  de  1917 
aux  annees  1930"  3a  peflaKL|ieK)  E. 

Kpy6n  Ta  A.  )KyKOBCbKoro 
(napn>K-MK)HXeH-EflMOHTOH,  1986)  c. 
283-310;  Zmiany  w strukturze  klasy 
robitniczej  na  Ukrainie  1897-1970, 
"CyMacHicTb"  (oco6/imbmm  ennycK 
nO/lbCbKOK)  MOBOK)),  No.  1~2  (1985): 


259-78.  y MepBHi  1986  p.  BiH  BiflMMTaB 
.qonoBiflb  "KnacoBa  cipyKTypa  i 
HaMioHa/ibHe  nmaHH?)  b yKpami"  nifl  Mac 
KOH4>epeHi_iiT  Ha  TeMy  "CyMacHa  yKpama. 
Bn6paHi  nMTaHHSR",  mo  BifldyBajiMca  b 
Iji/iiHOMCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi  b 
yp6aHi-UJaMnei?iHi.  y 6epe3Hi  1986  p.  BiH 
BiflMMTaB  ceMiHap  Ha  TeMy  "KjiacoBa 
CTpyKTypa  Pi  HaLjioHa/ibHe  nmaHHa  b 
yKpa'iHi"  y Biflfli/ii  MOflepHMX  mob  i 
ziiTepaTyp  OTTaBCbKoro  yHiBepcmeTy. 
TaKO*  y 6epe3Hi  BiH  BiflMMTaB  flonoBiflb 
Ha  TeMy  "Cycni/ibHi  3MiHn  Pi  HaiflOHa/ibHa 
CBiflOMiCTb  B yKpa'iHi”  B KOHKOPfliPlCbKiM 
yHiBepcMTeTi  b MoHpeani.  BiH  BMK/iaflaB 
npo  yKpa'iHy  nifl  Mac  flpyroi  CBiTOBOi 
BiPiHM  Ha  ceMiHapi  npo  KoMiciio  fleweHa, 
HKMPl  BJiaiUTyBaB  eflMOHTOHCbKMPl  Biflfli/1 
yKpaiHCbKO’i  KOMici'i  ziioflCbKMX  npaB  y 
KBiTHi  1986  p.  y /innHi  1986  p.  BiH 
BiflMMTaB  flonoBiflb  Ha  TeMy  "Cycni/ibHa 
CTpyKTypa  cyMacHoi  y Kpa  ihm",  sKy 
B/iaiuTyBa/io  06'eflHaHH*  yKpamqiB 
BejiMKodpiTaHiT  b JloHflOHi.  Ha  3aranbHnx 
36opax  KaHaflCbKo'i  acoMiaiflii  cnaBicTiB, 
mo  Bifl6y/iMC?i  b MepBHi  1986  p.,  fl-pa 
KpaBMeHKa  BMdpaHO 
ceKpeTapeM-CKap6HMKOM.  kloro  TaKO>K 
Ha3H3MeHo  M/ieHOM  flopaflMO'i  paflM  Cena 
cnaflLflMHM  yKpaiHCbKO'i  KyxibTypM  npM 
C^y>K6i  iCTOpMMHMX  naM'iRTHMKiB 
A^b6epTCbKoro  MiHicTepcTBa  Ky/ibTypM  i 
BiH  CT3B  flOpaflHMKOM  eK3eKyTMBM 
BaTbKiBCbKoro  KOMiTeTy  cnpMAHHS 
yKpa'iHCbKiPi  ocBiTi  b A/ib6epTi.  y TpaBHi 
BiH  3i3HaBaB  nepefl  nocTiPiHOio  KOMicieio 
npo  6araTOKynbTypHicTb  npM  na/iaTi 
rpoMafl  Ta  Pioro  3hob  Ha3HaMeHO  flo 
flopaflMoro  KOMiTeTy  KaHaflCbKMX 
eTHiMHMX  flocjiiflxeHb  npM  CeKTopi 
6araTOKyjibTypHOCTM  flepxaBHoro 

coom  J1A3AP 

y /ikinHi  L\.p.  Co<t>iK)  Jla3ap  Ha3HaMeHO 

flijiOBOflOM-cTeHorpacpOM  Kiyc.  C.  Jlasap 

3flo6yna  flMn/iOM  6ionora  b 
TnpacnijibCbKOMy  neflaroriMHOMy  iHCTMTyTi 
b MPCP  Ta  flnn/ioM  arpoHOMa  b 
KkiiuMHiBCbKiM  cmbCbKorocnoflapcbKiM 
iHCTMTyTi.  nepefl  nepei3flOM  flo  KaHaflM 
BOHa  HaBMa/ia  6ionoriio  b cepeflHiPi  iukoji! 
b MorM^iB-nofli/ibCbKOMy  BiHHMLjbKoT 
o6/iacTM  b yKpami. 

flEBi fl  MAPnra 

HeflaBHO  nosiBM/iacFi  KHMXKa  fl-pa 
Mapn/i3a  "Chernobyl  and  Nuclear  Power  in 
the  USSR".  Me  oflHa  3 nepwMX 
aHr jiomobhmx  MOHorpa0iPt  npo  paflflHCbKy 
no/iiTMKy  aTOMHOi  eHeprii  b 1980-mx 
poKax,  Lflo  fleTanbHO  po3r/i*flae 
MopHo6M^bCbKy  KaTacTpo0y,  nepeflyciM 
Ha  niflCTaBi  paflaHCbKMX  flwepe/ibHMX 
MaTepiajiiB.  KHMXKy  BMflajiM  Ha  cnijiKy 
BMflaBHMLjTBa  MaKMi/l/iaH  (flOHflOH), 
CeHT-MapTiH3  (Hbio-MopK)  Ta  Kiyc. 

fl-p  Mapnji3  HeflaBHO  HaflpyKysaB 
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Background  of  Labour  Troubles,  "Soviet 
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pet4eH3m  npai-ji  3a  peflaKLjieK)  Graham-a 


Ross-a  "The  Foreign  Office  and  the 
Kremlin.  British  Documents  on 
Anglo-Soviet  Relations  1941-45” 
(KeM6piflx,  1984)  b "JKypHa/ii 
yKpaVHOSHaBMMX  cTyfliPi”  19  (3MMa  1985). 

y MepBHi  14.P.  fl-p  Mapn/i3  BiflMMTae 
flonoBiflb  "Kpn3a  paflaHCbKOi 
npOMMCJlOBOCTkl?  OrjlSIfl  paflaHCbKOl 
CTajieBapHO'i  npoMMC/iOBOCTM  b 1980-mx 
poKax”  nifl  Mac  KOHC^epeHMii  KanaflChKoT 
acoL|iaL|ii  cnaBidiB,  140  BiflOyBa/iaca  b 
MaHiTo6cbKiM  yHiBepcmeTi.  CiansR 
noaBMTbC5R  b "Canadian  Slavonic  Papers” 

3a  rpyfleHb  1986  p.  y MepBHi  BiH  TaKOx 
BiflMmaB  flonoBiflb  "y mobmhm  npaqi  Ha 
AEC  y ihm”  nifl  Mac  KOHCjjepeHpii  npo 
cyMacHy  yKpamy,  140  Bifl6yBa/iacs  b 
IjuiiHOMCbKiM  yHiBepcmeTi  b 

nicna  MopHo6njibCbKo'i  KaTacTpocpM 
fl-p  Mapn/i3  ,qaB  6araT0  iHTepB  K)  Ha 
Tene6aMeHHi  Pi  paflio  b IliBHiMHiPi  AMepMfli, 
bkjikdmho  3 MepexaMM  Ci-6i-ec  Ta 
EPi-6i-ci  (HbK)-PlopK)  Ta  Ci-6i-ci 
(EflMOHTOH).  BiH  BMCTynaB  Ha 
npecKOH^epeHpisRX  y Hbio-MopKy  Pi 
MoHpeajii.  Moro  CTarri  npo 
MopHo6n^bCbKy  KaTacTpo0y  no?iBM/iMC?i  b 
TaKkix  ra3eTax:  "Los  Angeles  Times” 
(02.05),  "Globe  and  Mail”  (22.05), 
"Edmonton  Journal”  (29.04.  Ta  27.08), 
"Ukrainian  Weekly”  (bk/ikdmho  3 cepieK) 
n'aTM  cTaTTePi  npo  HopHobM/ib)  Ta  b 
"y Kpa IHCbKMX  BiCTax”  (EflMOHTOH).  fl~p 

Mapn/i3  6yB  TaKox  rocTeM-npoMOBpeM  Ha 
piMHOMy  KOHrpeci  CyCK,  mo  Bifl6yBaBca  b 
Anb6epTi  (23.08)  Ta  Ha  3ara/ibHnx  36opax 
yKpaiHCbKoro  yMMTe/ibCbKoro  TOBapMCTBa 
niBHiMHOi  A/ib6epTM  (16.10). 


Bifl  1 cepnHsi  1986  p.  flocniflHMKM 
Kiyc  OpecT  MapTHHOBMM  i flaBMfl  Jlyny/i 
npaiflK)K)Tb  Hafl  nepmoK)  MacTMHOK) 
flBOTOMHOi  aHaniTMMHOi  icTopiY  yKpaiHpiB 
y KaHafli. 

B nepiuoMy  TOMi,  skmPi  noBMHeH  6yTn 
3aKiHMeHMM  y 1988  p.,  p03r/iflflaeTbcs 
nepiuMPi  eTan  yKpaiHCbKOi  eMirpapii  Pi 
noce/ienH*  (1891-1923  pp.).  y HbOMy  niflxifl 
pi3HMTMMeTbcsR  nifl  npMHaPiMHi  TpbOMa 
orji^flaMM  Bifl  flOTenepiiuHix  npaijb: 
rionepme  MiTKiiue  HaronocMTbcsi  3b'?i30k 
Mix  cTapoKpaPioBMM  paflMKa^isMOM  Ta 
noniTMMHOio,  ocBiTHboio  Pt  pe^iriPiHoio 
nporpaMOK)  iMirpai_|iPiHoi  e/iiTM  (iHTejiireHpii) 
b KaHafli.  rioflpyre,  aBTopn  nocTapaioTbcs 
opraHi3yBaTM  flocBifl  yKpaiHCbKMX 
iMirpaHTiB  flo  KaHaflM  "3  HM3y”: 
npMCBSTMTbca  yBary  nepexMBaHHaM 
xjii6opo6iB  no  ce/iax  mm  po6iTHMKiB  no 
MicTax,  TBopeHHK)  Pi  pospocTy  MicpeBMX 
pe/iiriPiHMX,  rocnoflapcbKMX  i noniTMMHMX 
yCTaHOB,  p03BMTKOBi  yKpaiHCbKOl 
HaL4ioHanbHO'i  CBiflOMOCTM  b KaHafli,  a 
TaKOx  cycnijibHO-rocnoflapcbKMM  Ta 
k/ihcobmm  pi3HML|5iM  cepefl  iMirpaHTiB.  I 
noTpeTe,  yKpaiHCbKMPi  flocBifl 
po3r^5iflaTMMeTbC5i  Ha  Tjii  icTopii  KaHaflM 
Pi  icTopii  iMirpaHTiB  i iMirpapii. 

npM  npapi  Hafl  nepiuMM  tomom 
BMKopMCTaHO  6araT0  me  He  BXMBaHMx 
flxepe/r  flaHi  nepenncy  HaceneHHs  npo 
x/ii6opo6cTBO,  "Labour  gazette”,  MicbKi  Pi 
ci^bCbKi  aflpecapi,  flOBiflHMKM  niflnpMGMCTB, 
3BiTM  npo  MicbKi  xMTna,  napa(J)i5ijibHi  flaHi, 
KpMMiHa/ibHi  KapTOTeKM  Ta  BMflaHi  Pi 
HeBMflaHi  cnoraflM  iMirpaHTiB.  iMirpanTCbKa 
npeca  BM^BM/iacs  OaraTiom^M  flxepejiOM 
flaHMX.  Mix  1905  i 1922  pp.  TaKi  ra3eTM 
5ik  "CBo6ofla”,  "y KpaiHCbKMPi  ronoc”, 
"KaHafliPiCbKMPi  cfiapMep”,  "HepBOHMPi 
npanop”,  "Po6ommPi  Hapofl”,  "yKpaiHCbKi 
po6iTHMMi  BicTi”  Ta  "KaHafliPiCbKMPi 


pycMH-yKpaiHeMb"  flpyKyBa/iM  Tnc?mi 
flOnMCiB  3i  CijlbCbKMX  KQJlOHiM,  podiTHMMMX 
TadopiB  Ta  Mid  i l\\  MaTepia/iM  CTapaHHO 
npoMkiraHO  m aHani30BaH0.  L[i  flonMCM  He 
Ti/ibKM  noflafOTb  flaHi  npo  xmtt*  daraTbOX 
rpoMafl  no  pi/iii/i  KaHafli,  a/ie  m onncyK)Tb 
MMMano  nodyroBMX  flpidHni_|b  xmtt a 
yKpaiHCbKMX  iMirpaHTiB. 

apxiBHi  flaHi.  3oKpeMa  po3rjiflHeHO 
flepxaBHi  flOKyMeHTM  npo  yKpaiHqiB  y 
KaHafli  i TaKox  bmbmbho  3dipKM 
HeBMflaHMX  pyKonnciB  y riydniMHiM  apxiBi 
KaHaflM  i b nyd/iiMHMX  Ta  npMBaTHMX 
apxiBax  b OHTapio,  MaHiTodi,  CacKaHeBaHi 
m AjibdepTi. 

OpeCT  MapTHHOBMH  BklBMaB  iCTOpiK)  B 

MaHiTodcbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi  (B.  A. 
niflBHifleHoro  Tuny  i/i  M.  A.)  Ta  b 
TopoHTCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi.  Moro 
HaMHOBiiua  npai_;?i  — "The  Ukrainian  Bloc 
Settlement  in  East  Central  Alberta 
1890-1930:  A History"  (Eamohtoh: 
MiHicTepcTBO  KyxibTypM  A/ibdepTM,  1985). 

flaBMfl  Jlynyn  BMBMaB  icTopiK)  b 
A^bdepTCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi.  BiH  HeflaBHO 
peflaryBaB  i HanncaB  BCTyn  flo 
aHr/iiMCbKoro  nepeK/iafly  npapi  K)ni?iHa 
CTeMMLUMHa  "A  History  of  Ukrainian 
Settlement  in  Canada"  (Eamohtoh:  CYC, 


BaneHTMHa  Mopo3a  moh.  npn3Ha>-ieHO 
acnipaHTOM-floc^iflHMKOM  KIYC  Ha  p. 
1986-7.  B.  Mopo3  HapoflMBca  b YKpaini 
1962  p.  i 3flodyB  3BaHH3  B.  A.  no/iiTMMHMX 
Hayx  y flbOMonbCbKiM  yHiBepcMTeTi  b 
HiKaro  1985  p.  HMHi  BiH  3flodyBac 
MaricTepcbKMM  flMn/ioM  3 yKpa'i'HCbKO'i 
Cf)OJlKJ1bOpMCTMKM  y B'lflflijli  CJlOB'sRHCbKMX  i 

cxiflHboeBponeMCbKMX  floc/iiflxeHb 
A^bdepTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy.  floc/iiflMa 
acMCTeHTypa  onnaMeHa  nacTMHHO  3 
cjDOHfliB  yHiBepcMTeTCbKoro  0aKy/ibTeTy 
acnipaHTypn  i flocnifliB. 


B jiMCTonafli  1985  p.  fl-p  XMMKa, 
flOfleHT  Biflfliny  icTopMMHMx  HayK 
A/ibdepTCbKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy  dyB  oahmm 
3 tmx,  iflo  3flodynM  VII  npeMi'i  iM.  Jleci  m 
rieTpa  KoBa/ieBMX,  HKi  npM3HaMye  Cok)3 
yKpa'lHOK  AMepMKM.  BiH  3flOdyB  OflHO  3 

flpyrnx  MicMb  (1  000  flo/i.)  3a  cbohd 
KHMXKy  "Socialism  in  Galicia",  aKy  BMflaB 

TapBapflChKoro  yHiBepcMTeTy  1983  p. 

y TpaBHi  Lfl.p.  fl-p  XMMKa  3aKiHMMB 
pyKonMC  khmxkm  "The  Awakening  Village", 
B *K\\A  BiH  P03r^aflac  P03BMTOK 
yKpa’iHCbKO'i  HaiflOHajibHo'i  CBiflOMOcTM 
cepefl  ranMflbKMX  ceji*H.  Ha  flocjiiflM  flo 
Mie’i  khmxkm  BiH  oflepxaB  flOTai-lil  Bifl 
KaHaflCbKo'i  4)yHflai_|ii  yKpaiHCbKMX  CTyfliM 
(nic/iaflOKTopcbKa  CTMneHflm  iM. 

HenopaHMx)  Ta  MixHapoflHO’i  paflM 
flocjiifliB  i odMiHy.  3aBfl^KM  flOTaifl'i  Bifl 
KaHaflCbKo'i  floc/iiflMO'f  paflM  cycni/ibHMX  i 
ryMaHicTMMHMX  HayK  fl-p  XMMKa  Mir 
npoBecTM  flBa  TMXHi  BecHOK)  m niTOM  q.p. 
b apxiBax  i did/iioTeKax  PMMy  m BiflHia  Ha 
flocniflax  flo  cbogi  TpeTbo'i  khmxkm.  flBa 
HanepKM  pboro  npoGKTy  — icTopi'f 
YKpaiHCbKOl  KaTOJIMflbKOT  qepKBM  B 
Ta/lMMMHi  nifl  ABCTpil/ICbKOK)  BJiaflOK)  — 
HeflaBHO  noflBM/iMCs  sk  CTaTTi  The  Greek 
Catholic  Church  and  Nation-Building  in 
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M.  KDpKeBkiM  BiflMmaB  flonoBiflb  npo 
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KOH(})epeHL4ii  KIYC  npo 

yKpaiHCbKO-HiMeMbKi  BiflHOCHHM,  L40 

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36ipKa  HeBMflaHMx  crane H 

iHCTMTyTCbKa  36ipKa  HeBMflaHMX 
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